Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Saturday, September 12, 2009


It didn't rain after all. Not a bad morning...a little grey.

The ponies were happy to be in the big pasture...snubbed their hay as I introduced some new stuff.

Gary helped me with chores so I was done quickly.

They always like to eat under the fence.

At 10am I had a small hay delivery...had to get some dusty bales replaced. Where we live, it was difficult to bale with all the rain.

At 11 I left for the village...a lot going on today.

Started out at the Morgan Manning House where they were holding their annual Peddler's Market.

Jammed with people and a wide variety of items for sale.

Robb's Fruit Farm sells apples, plums and peaches....

Roz and Louie were selling off some of their antiques.

Joan was in a trance, looking for the rest of her family.

Well if it isn't Barb and Donna. Once again they are out hitting all the high spots!
One of the vendors was selling fresh cut flowers...the colors were spectacular.

Here's part of Joan's family. Her son Mark and his wife are in town for a visit.

Bonnie loves those hot dogs.

Why if it isn't Mary Pat. Do you see what I mean? No matter where I go, she is there.

Many of these trunks get sold every year.

Items from the day of the hippie....

Model airplanes....

Here you are Peggy (she tunes in to my Journal).

How about some homemade jam?

I see Kendra everywhere too. The Canal trip on the Rose Loomis, the picnic at the beach last night....and here she is again. We must have the same taste....

This is my transition photo...these flowers were in the windowbox in front of Dunn's Furniture.
I am now on my way to the center of the village.

Today is Septemberfest. It was started several years ago by Norm Frisch (graphic designer/retired and member of our Art & Aesthetics Committee). A variety of groups have displays....Twig, Garden Club, Seymour Library, Walk! Bike!, Oak Orchard Health Clinic....etc. etc...etc.... The churches are all open with things for fabulous desserts or a chicken BBQ.

I have a video below that you will have to watch.
An African Drumming teacher invites anyone interested, to join him. He has about 10 drums available and you can sit in all day if you want. I am a great fan and sat there for over half an hour. I am determined to get two of them so I can do this with our grandchildren.

By the way, I bought two pair of mittens at one of the tables.
They were $2.50 per pair. How's that for a deal?

On my way back to the car I stopped at Sagawa Park to listen to Greg Turner for a few minutes.
He is a one man band (and our grandson Finn's music teacher) that we hope to have at the farm for a party. Take a listen to the video I took of him....great!!!!

Next stop...Cooper's birthday party. We already had the family version at the farm last week, and today he did it again with his buddies

4 years old....

There were some charming little girls in attendance....

who loved the cake.

They all took a turn trying to break into the candy.

Coop looks like such a sweetheart in this photo....

Got home around 2:15 in time for a grain delivery, then I picked some corn so Jenny's family could have some for dinner. We had it too.

And that was not the end of our activity. At 3:30 Jenny and a crew arrived with tables, chairs, tents and supplies for the BBQ we are having at the farm tomorrow afternoon. A political fundraiser...we have done this many times in the past. We are even going to have live music.

We've never had so much help. Everything was done in under an hour.

Let's see what it looks like tomorrow with flowers on the tables, lots of food and a boatload of people.

After all the activity...the poor dogs were pooped.

Mademoiselle Gucci (Poochie) 'Leisbet Skoog

Phoebe Bluegrass.....

VIDEO NUMBER ONE - the Master and Moi playing drums (at Septemberfest). Don't forget to turn off my playlist first....

VIDEO NUMBER TWO - Greg Turner, the one man band (at Septemberfest).

I think that's enough for one day...night all!


Frank said...

The Peddler's Market must have been a ball. I loved seeing the antique trunks and carved airplanes. Your town seems filled with such good people who know what's important in life and enjoy fun, friendships and sharing. I can't believe you have the time and energy to host a political event today but the set-up and farm look like everything is ready to go. I bet you are a marvelous host. Your post exudes American values and community. I now Sunday will be perfect and want to see the pix. (Do the Skoog girls get to meet your guests and run around?)

Ken Mac said...

i always feel better after visiting your blog. Love that virtual fresh air!

Gayle said...

Love all the small town activites you become involved in. Such a good life you live. The trunks are awesome and I can't believe the mittens were only $2.50. Your yarn must be much cheaper than our yarn? I wish I could knit mittens. Maybe I'll have to learn. The farm is looking beautiful as always.

Mary Olson said...

How can you possibly do all that in one day! So many wonderful things to look at! And buy! I almost went to a craft fair this weekend but I was afraid I'd see things I like and everything right now is looked at as another thing to move.

My horses busted out one of the fence rails last night trying to reach grass. That's what happens when the electric wire isn't working.