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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Gary and I just returned from a celebration for our good friend, Dick Mancuso. He did not want calling hours or a regular funeral...just a memorial service at the college, where we worked as a Professor of Physics for 40 years.

Madonna (as I call her) has dedicated her self to his care for over three years...
Today she and her kids...David, Jennifer and Gina had to be in awe of the number of people who came out to honor him. There must have been over 600 seated in the Ballroom, all had some sort of connection to Dick.

When we had our barn party in October, Dick and Donna arrived with looks of concern on their faces...he had just been given bad news about his condition. They did not want to attend...but they joined us anyway.

As we had a live band (and Dick and Donna were ballroom dancers)...they were out on that floor doing their thing. He danced for the better part of two hours....and enjoyed it.

Surrounded by many of his colleagues and friends... he had some real quality time.

Today one of his golfing buddies (Jim Cook) was the main speaker... He knew Dick well and actually had us in stitches a few times. Dick's brother also spoke, as did David, Jennifer and Gina. I don't know how they did it...I am very proud of them. Opening and closing remarks were made by Tony and Mary Ann P. I wish I had a copy of the piece regarding "Ethics." You had to be there....

It was INDEED! a celebration of this man's life. By the time we left, I could see that his family was at peace.

Madonna said she will be joining us for dinner 3 or 4 times a week! And we can't wait.


  1. Wonderful job, Lori. I'm sending this to my friend, Lissa, who met Dick at David's wedding (our David). :)

  2. A sad, but also a joyful, story - thank you.

  3. I always appreciate those people who can get up and talk in a more personal way than a minister generally can. It helps so much to hear those stories, especially the funny ones.

  4. Very sorry for your loss, and glad to hear that a good man's life was honored so.

  5. A lovely tribute to your friend and what good memories of him enjoying himself even after bad news.

  6. What a nice tribute to a man full of life...and in death gives life to those remembering him too.To live such a life well lived..joy to know folks like him.
    I am glad that Madonna will be comin' over to visit you guys too!

    Thanks for asking about WA...did some meme posts and did not get to my "Pony News" yet..will in the Am..but she is stepping under much better and after much prodding and pushing..I determined it must be a very painful heal bruising from the frozen ground. I am poulticing it tomorrow with some great stuff my sissy reminded me I had! I have everything you could need ...but since I have seldom used it...I forget about it all...she told me to make a little book of inventory for it!
    Thanks again for asking..I am relieved it seems to be something that she may recover quickly from...what a way to get down time Wa!


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