Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Before I forget are a couple of shots I grabbed from Facebook (our daughters album).

Hmmmmm...the one above came out full size (Ariana at her recent band concert) and the one below is teeny weeny (Daniela modeling the cowboy boots we got her for Christmas). That's what I get for stealing photos of our grandaughters!

An interesting sunrise....

To the south it was very orange.

Ta Daaaaaaaa....announcement, announcement. Abbe is doing fine! Thanks for asking.

Now, for today's news.

Look who is eating her grain this morning! A crappy picture, but you get the idea.

Both pups joined me today. It was such a peaceful morning without the snow and wind.

They lasted for about 40 minutes and then I put them in the house.

Not before they played in the snow....

Fed the horses their hay in the pasture since it was so much nicer. Dream liked that, as she feels safer in a bigger space.

I took off Abbe's wrap and was very happy to see that she was doing well.

The wind blew the snow off part of the grass and the horses went for it. I can't imagine what they are finding!

This is a piece of plywood I put over the water trough at night (as I unplug it til morning). Do you do this? It really makes a difference. Obviously this was used to giving parking directions at one of our barn parties.

Barb stopped in to visit Dream tonight. This photograph turned about as well as the one this morning! Orbs orbs orbs.... Dream was a little anxious, walking around instead of eating.

We decided it was because of the full moon.

I had to go to Rochester today for my annual mammogram, so I did not have time to make a great dinner. Instead, I thawed out some cabbage soup and it was hmmm hmmm good.

Cut up some fruit and toasted English muffins.

I still have not recovered from getting up at 4am yesterday. Need some rest. Night all.


Gail said...

Cute dogs! Glad the horse is better. Pleased that you survived the pancake machine exam...I really do not like those!

Dinner looks wonderful to me.

Frank said...

Gucci does not look happy about having to go in. Come on, mom, let us freeze into statues out in the cold. (She can always warm up on the sunny Gulf in Florida.) I like the parking will come in handy again in the spring.

Stay warm!! (Refrain from visiting the kids Facebook pages. You will just learn things you never knew or imagined.)

Maery Rose said...

I love the idea of using the plywood over the water tank but how cold do your temps drop at night? We are heading for a deep freeze with lows down to -12. I don't want the heater to break by being compressed by frozen water.

BroomJockey said...

Thanks for the tip on the plywood. Does it help keep the water from freezing solid? I have been beaten up lately with my tanks because I can't use the water heaters (landlord says too much money) and I have to chisel 6-8 inches of ice off the top of the water. I will give the plywood a try. Anything has to help. Also, what type of footing do you use in your indoor riding ring? I don't remember what it was when i was visiting. I'm glad Abbe is doing okay. Thanks again, Cindy

Anonymous said...

We've tried the plywood thing and abandoned it - we have 4 quite large tanks so the plywood is very heavy, particularly if it gets covered in snow and ice - I'm the one who has to take them off in the morning and I'm not really up to it. We have, when temps are not too cold overnight, just unplugged the heaters.

Glad Abbe and Dream are both doing well!

Victoria Cummings said...

Thank goodness Abbe and Dream are better! It's hard to believe that temps in the 20's seem balmy, isn't it? I hope you and Gary have a fun New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2010!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Just stopping by to wish you and everyone at Skoog farm a happy healthy New Year.

Gayle said...

The soup looks really good. Hope you get lots of time by the fire to rest up and start a new year off fresh. Hoping 2010 brings you much joy.

Gayle said...

I don't have the tank water thing going on, but would a 4-inch thick piece of blue styrofoam work as well or better and it is tons lighter to pick up and move? Just a thought. I only have the sheep so I just take her water in a bucket as she doesn't drink that much.