Friday, December 4, 2009


I am going to keep taking photos of these roses as long as they hang in there.

This morning I was greeted by another beautiful sunrise.

Not that it stayed that way....

This shot of the pigeons is not a black and white!

Chores as them done a little earlier than yesterday.

The horses were in the back pasture getting into trouble.

Eating all kinds of stuff other than grass.

Rolling in the mud seems to be the thing to do.

Gucci went out with me....

while Miss Phoebe stayed in the house...again. It's that chill in the air.

I already posted my visit to the Morgan Manning House.

Gary left at 2 to set things up at the Alumni House for First Friday.
I didn't leave until 4pm and by then the sky was getting interesting again.

I ended up behind Jen, so we got there at the same time.

There was already quite a crowd.

Once again, my friend Topper was taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

We both always have our cameras in our pockets.

Today the college president was making a presentation. Jim Fallon retired as the Superintendent of the Brockport Central School District and also graduated from SUNY Brockport 40 years ago. He was being recognized for his service and the relationship our school had with the college.

I think this is one of the biggest crowds they have had at a First Friday.

Sheldon is standing next to Carol (Topper's wife). Pretty soon you are going to know all these people.

Jim's remarks were enjoyed by all.

Rosie and Clyde....

Gary and Jen....ha ha ha. Jim must have said something funny again.

I went home, did chores, made a salad and picked up Gary at 6:30. We were off to the Klines for dinner as we try to get together with them and the Cretneys once a month.

What a nice touch. Ann had pine hanging from each chair.

They were mocking out her beautifully ironed napkins.

Of course Al was too shy to go for it. (I told you about Al earlier today...he is the carver of birds).

So here's what we had for dinner.

My salad...

Mashed potatoes...

Roast beef and carrots...

Asparagus and mushrooms...

Followed by chocolate cake (gluten free and outstanding)!

We ended the evening in front of the fire and discussed world affairs.

Definitely a long day. Night all.

(Good morning Al).


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hah! That's my kind of fire...nice and neat, but still cozy. We have a propane gas fireplace, too. And with the blower it heats most of our house efficiently. Nice photo of your friends fire, by the way. It's not easy to photograph flames.

You lead a rich and full life filled with wonderful friendships. How blessed you are.
Your salad looked amazing, as did the roast beef, too.

Looks like Miss Phoebe and my Dobbie girl have much in common regarding the weather. I'm having to sweet talk Dobbie into going outside with me these days. She just wants to go outside, do her business and come back in again, so she can stay warm. I don't much blame her actually. lol!


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Your salad look beautiful, and bet very delicious too. I was reading your profile that you grown organic garlic. Do they come in big cloves.

Long ago, I grew some Italian ones, buying them from a deli. I got some as big as 2 inches in diameter.

Did you grow the asparagus too?

When i have my own house, i will grow asparagus. Watch an Europeon Docu, and saw these people harvesting white asparagus.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Beautiful photo's and yummy looking food...mmmm Have a great weekend..