Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It was a morning like most mornings...had to go out and do chores. The snow returned and the temperature plummeted.

The sky was somewhat interesting...

Phoebe graced me with her presence for a change.

Gucci ran into the feed room, checked for mice and jumped up on the stacked hay bales.

I finished up around 9:30. Jenny was picking me up at 10 to go shopping.

We drove over to Eastview Mall...about 40 minutes from here and one of the nicest shopping experiences in the area.

We had coupons for Macy's and bought over $400 worth of items for under $175! The deals were unbelieveable. Jen bought 3 sweaters for $27 and they were beautiful! This weekend I am going to look for more coupons and will go back to shop for Gary and myself.

Just could not resist shooting some interesting photos...

Spectacular neckties. Look at those colors!

Christmas trees everywhere.


and reindeer.

Mall decorations...

Inviting store windows....

Fake flowers....

How's this for a candle holder?

Love to photograph glass....

Tons of great things at the Pottery Barn.

Then it was time for lunch. We decided to go to PF Chang's....

The place was packed and we sat at the bar...a very nice bar.

I started off with hot and sour soup...Jenny had egg drop.

Then, we split some lettuce rolls with a medium sauce. My first time! This would be my whole lunch in the future. Chicken, water chestnuts, scallions, mushrooms in a rice sauce placed on a lettuce leaf topped with a medium hot sauce and rolled.

Then we had lunch bowls...sesame chicken and chicken and cashews (both on brown rice).

Hit a couple more stores at a different mall and headed for home.

Meanwhile....back at the ranch....Gary and our friend Randy (both Swedes from Jamestown, NY)
were making korv. Korv is Swedish sausage, and they make it from scratch...they have done this for over 25 years. I wonder if our friends in Sweden (Nea) do this.

Arlene sent Gary a hat and apron that Randy's father used to wear when he made korv.

Cute, huh????

Here they are tying it off.

Below is the machine Randy's father made. It is used to stuff the casings.

A simple, but very effective way of doing this.

They were finished around 5pm...after making about 20 pounds.

What are the ingredients? Mashed potatoes, barley, onions, pork, beef and spices.

While they cleaned up, I went out to do the chores.

I so love that it only takes about 15 or 20 minutes.

Gary cooked some korv for dinner...

I put together the rest of a quickie (and kind of weird) dinner. Noodles, peas, heated rolls with jam, and some leftover pineapple from yesterday. A little eclectic but true comfort food.

Now, I am out of gas. Night all.


Unknown said...

Hi Lori and Gary. I love the idea of making sausages from scratch. At least that way you know just what goes into them. They look good.
Regards, Mike and Ann.

Unknown said...

P.s. And your apple pan dowdy looks absolutely scrumptio-delicious.

Frank said...

I think I join with many of your followers in being exhausted tagging along on your typical days. Along with all the work the farm requires, and I know the Guc and Phoeb are big helpers, you find time for all the rest of the world's goings-on on like your shopping, dining out, photographing everything in sight and posting it, and still there's a home and husband waiting.

Whew! Your days are amazing and an inspisration. Go, Lori, go!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Boy I hope you are going to share some snow with us...Just a few dustings for us...Can't make any snow angels yet...Beautiful photo's my friend..Hugs..