Friday, December 25, 2009


It was not so easy to rise and shine this morning! We did not go to bed until after 1:30am...Gary did all the dishes first and it took me forever to post all my pictures from the day.

I tried taking a photo of Bermuda this morning so I could show it to Fe....he was not too keen on the flash.

Gary helped me clean stalls... I fed the horses in the front paddock. Dream was not too excited about this space and wandered into the pasture. I ended up putting out more hay.

Eventually, she will get used to eating in all the different places.

Gary had a fire going early, and Gucci loves to be near it.

Sometimes she gets right up on the hearth.

You can see what a wild girl she is...just can't seem to relax....

I got everything bagged to take down to Jenny's this afternoon. A car load.

Miss Phoebe relaxed most of the day.

Instead of making an apple pie (it was a request) I did a one crust version with the crust on the top.

Got down to Jen's around 3:30.

They have a great tree this year. It's in the family room part of their kitchen, which makes it very cozy.

Buster was at the ready, in case any food was dropped.

We had another major feast.

Kevin made a gigantic turkey with sausage and dry stuffing. Spectacular flavor and juicy.

Nana Pat was there, enjoying her time with the boys.

We also had a sweet potato and apple casserole, whipped potatoes, a salad with pears and rolls.

The kids have grown up so much...they were very well behaved at the table.

How many times can we eat these yummy meals?

I loved the centerpiece...they have many holley bushes.

Before we left, it started to rain...we didn't even know it had started. Fortunately we got home in 10 minutes so the horses could be put in their dry, toasty stalls. Right now Gary is in his chair ready to fall asleep, and I am about to follow. Night all. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. (Now I have to change all my music).


Gail said...

Beautiful, I especially look the barn photo.

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas surrounded by those you love.

Anonymous said...

Short of sleep - I don't do well with that. Our horses were in today due to rain/sleet, except for a brief turnout that they enjoyed - and who knows what tomorrow will bring? Thanks for sharing your feasts!

Victoria Cummings said...

Looks like you had a great time - Merry Christmas!

Maery Rose said...

Boy, you know how to do the holidays right!

Frank said...

A beautiful and traditional Christmas gathering and celebration with family. Gary must have had a hard time just getting up from the fire and leaving the comfort of the chair. How did he move Gucci? The turkey dinner looked delicious.

Thank you for sharing your day...glad it didn't snow again. It looks like you have just enough to make the barn scene really perfect.

restoration42 said...

I swear I add pounds just through looking at the yumminess of the wondeful meals you share online. Love, love, love your latest header. One of my favorites.

Gayle said...

Looks like you had quite the Christmas week. The gathering at your home for dinner must have been quite a deal. So nice to have so many friends. Hope you are relaxing this weekend and getting so much needed rest. Happy Holidays!

D said...

Looks like a wonderful family time!

Ken Mac said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Lori !!