Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's been a little grey around here lately! But this morning it was a different story.

Clear, crisp, bright......

When I got to the barn, I let Dream out to wander while I got things ready for the morning feeding. She does not want to eat when I feed the others their grain, so I put it in her run in, hoping that she will eat it during the day.

She walked the big pasture while I put out the hay.

Because I am still separating them, I put her in the same place she was yesterday and let out the rest of the horses. Not to much activity along the fence line.

Swept out the barn...

Raked Dream's studio's only about 40 feet long and 16 feet wide. At night she has the whole space. It seems to be ok with her....until now she has been going in and out at will, so we wondered how she would adjust. The space is so big, it's working well.

She and Pony are really hitting it off.

Phoebe was lounging in the house, while Gucci ran around like a jack rabbit in the snow.

Had to make a run down to the Animal Hospital to have them do a fecal (exciting) exam on Phoebe so I can send in the paper work to keep her Therapy Dog International certification.
If I let it go, she will have to retake the tests. They were not easy! She also has her Canine Good Citizen certification. I really think I could prepare Gucci for the test without going to all the obedience classes...she is a quick study. If I could only squeeze in one more thing!

At 1:30 my class arrived and I forgot to take pictures. We did have Cranberry-Apple tea!

Then it was off to the village.

You know who rode in the car.

I had to make an exchange at Country Treasures.

There are so many beautiful things in this shop.

....and Marie had one of the biggest poinsettias I've seen.

Such a sign of the season.

Since the construction stopped, business has picked up in the stores. Good thing! They were all slow for weeks and weeks.

Still only a high of 18 degrees...beautiful skies tho.

Stopped at Wegmans for the second time today. We are having 30 people over Christmas Eve for a pot luck supper (we have been doing this for years...invite friends who have no family in the area or they were just going to be home alone) and we are not going to WASH DISHES! Had to pick up some of those nice, big, heavy, white paper plates

It was after 4 and the sun was starting to go down on our way home.

This is the only hill in Brockport...and it's the road we live on.

The sun was hitting this house just right.

Got home and finished making the chicken soup I started earlier today. Went out to do chores at 5.

All the horses were waiting for me and I decided to put a lead line on Dream to see how they would react to her.

Not too bad! The only one that was a snot was Abbe. Barb arrived and we took Dream over to the indoor for a few minutes.

Finished chores and went in for dinner.

It may go down to 4 degrees tonight! Bah humbug! So now it's time for a nice hot shower.
Night all.


CoyoteFe said...

I know that I have been MIA for a while, but who is DREAM??? Your skies are crystal clear and brilliant. Almost makes the low temps worth it (I know - balance in all things). Me? I will treasure the winter holidays, and then wait for spring. Luckily, the winter king has had his feast and his brother is on the rise!

Funny thing about a full life: it's like a magic box, as there is always a little bit more room for the things you want to do!

allhorsestuff said...

Hello Lori!!
Thanks for the nice comment about Romeo the red horse! He has a puppy dog disposition too! only snowed for about 2 hours that day and the still silent voice of God refreshed me again!
I was having a downer day till that snow discovery.

I do love the new horses name! she seems to enjoy to enjoy it there so far. You are such a good barn mother for all your steeds...I dream of being in your barn sometimes...Wa would love you!(you may not ,love her though)

Your sunshine shots in various places- through the trees on the horizon and then the corner of the buildings above Dream...fantastic! Wow is that ever cold dear...we had that one day of the 17 and never one digits! You take care!!
Well, glad that the testing for Phoebe will be minimal this time..since you got it going!
Your Very Red Poinsettia was pretty too!

diane b said...

Nice to see blue skies there. Is Gucci going for his driver's license too? 30 people that will keep you ever busy. What a wonderful idea for alone people. The barn looks like a horse motel.

Anonymous said...

Cold and clear isn't bad - the skies are always so beautiful. Dream seems to be doing well - I wonder why she doesn't want to eat when the others do?

Lorac said...

What a difference a little sunshine can make. You have done a great post!