Monday, December 28, 2009


Can you even remember what this looked like yesterday?

A different story today!

Everything was all jumbled up this morning. Just when I was going out to the barn, I had a grain delivery arrive. While he was waiting at the gate, the truck came to pick up my car (that would not start for the past couple of days). The horses got their grain much later than usual.

I closed off the back pasture...figured they would have less wind closer to the barns.

I'd say we had about 5 or 6 inches of snow. It was very light and easy to move around.

Gucci's fur got all balled up.

Put the hay in the front paddock as it is blocked in three directions by barns. Dream was very much into rolling.

When the sun really came out, I put more hay in the side pasture. Look at that, Winnie and Dream are eating from the same pile.

I think Abbe is running out of gas when it comes to chasing Dream.

The earlier part of the day was quite beautiful.

My car was ready by 2pm to the tune of $603! I needed a new battery, they put in a new air filter, I decided it was time for 4 new tires and the oil was changed. Hopefully that will be it for a long time. It is a 2001 PT Cruiser and only has 60,000 miles on it.

The dogs went with me as I wanted to take them to Country Max for some new coats.

We ran several errands first....had no luck finding coats...and then the blue sky disappeared.

We were getting hit with some swirling snow the whole way home.

Started dinner and went out to do chores around 4:40.

It was pretty ugly out there.

Didn't mess around....

The ponies were as sick of the wind as I was.

The moon was already way up in the sky.

...temperature kept dropping and the lake effect snow was kicking in.

Look who was very happy to dig into her grain! She cleans everything up at night, but still does not want any part of it in the morning.

Inside by 5:15 .... Gary had a nice fire going.

Madonna was coming for dinner and the weather was getting worse.

I used some of the leftover ham to make macaroni and cheese with peas and onions.

My secret ingredient? A tablespoon of honey mustard.

Mixed greens with sweet red onion, pear and blue cheese....

Madonna brought a fruit salad...

And chocolate cookies for desert.

I am signing out now. Night all.


enlightenedhorsemanship said...

Don't go to bed yet--you have an uninvited guest arriving for leftovers. I should be there in about 18 hours. Save some of that gorgeous salad for me!
..and a cookie, too.

Anonymous said...

YOur photos are beauriful! and the animals all looked happy in the snow..playful? (The road looks a bit dangeroud though?) And a delightful end to a busy,beautiful/running-behind-schedule day with your macaroni and cheese!

Gayle said...

60,000 in 8 years is conservative driving! I put 80,000 in 4 years on my van. My husband has almost that in one year in his work truck! Oh, I so hate the wind. We rarely have wind. Once in awhile a big storm will blow through breaking a few branches, but other than that we are calm year around. The wind really hurts my ears...I feel for you out there picking the pasture. I hope it dies down soon. What tough horses. The pups look good. Can you tell me how long each is from base of neck to start of tail, and around their middle? I'd like to make them something.

Unknown said...

Oh dear. I hope you don't send this lot of snow over here to us. Most unneighbourly!!!!!
I also hope it doesn't stay too long with you this time.
Regards, Mike.

Gail said...

Now I am hungry, early this morning.

Busy day, maybe tomorrow will be better.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Beautiful winter wonderland..It's beautiful..We have lots of snow now..Im loving it..Hope you have a great day..Hugs

Unknown said...

I just love your farm and that dinner looks incredible. Hope you enjoyed it!

Grey Horse Matters said...

It looks like Dream is starting to fit in with the gang. Your weather looks as bad as ours, but your food looks more delicious. I have a PT Cruiser too, I love it!