Sunday, December 13, 2009


Up and at 'um. Not too cold this morning, but rain was in the forecast.

That meant the hay would go under the overhang.

No need for coats, so Phoebe decided to venture out with us. Gary helped again.

By 9 it started to rain. Freezing rain. So, I opened the indoor in case any of the horses used their noggins and thought going inside might be a good option.

In the house around 9:45. Did a little laundry, had lunch, read the paper, sat by the fire....blah, blah, blah.

Took the dogs out for a little romp around 3. Looked quite different from yesterday as it rained for hours (just lightly) and a lot of the snow started to disappear.

It was actually icy in some parts of the driveway.

The ponies were searching for grass. Tonight Trina and Justine were on duty for chores (again).

At 3:30, took a shower and got ready to go out to the Senator's Mansion in Churchville for a Christmas Party/Chorus performance.

As per usual, it was beautifully decorated.

The main tree was full of teddy bears.

First we ate was a good one. We were served a spinach salad and it was followed by a buffet....I took pictures of everything but there were too many to post.

So it looked something like this.

Fruit, cucumber salad, green beans and almonds, mashed sweet potatoes with maple syrup, artichoke and red pepper salad, roast pork with apple chutney, and beef with horseradish. Dessert was apple crisp with whipped cream.

Right after that, we sang.

Not a bad performance, if I do say so myself. Now it is time for some rest. Night all.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh my goodness! That buried critter in the snow gave me goosebumps. I may not be able to sleep tonight! lol!

The ponies all look cozy even with the freezing rain. Great pics all. Looks like a wonderful, entertaining evening, too.

Outside here it is snowing big fat flakes. Sure is nice to be inside sipping hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps :)
Stay warm and dry, Lori.

~Lisa said...

I always enjoy your days, thanks for sharing!

diane b said...

Lovely wintery shots i like the one of the barn. Smashing food again. you know where to go for a good feed. The concert looked good too. I bet it sounded sweet too.

Grey Horse Matters said...

We've had some snow and freezing rain too. The horses looked miserable when they came in. Love the new heading, I can never get them to grow, so I just buy fake. Looks like you had fun at the mansion, great decorations. The sculpture in the snow is kind of creepy, it gave me a start for a second.

Lisa & Gerald said...

It was just rain here..No freezing rain.. Like they called for..The snow blow workers were spreading salt and sand just in case..But nope no freezing rain..

Frank said...

The mansion WAS beautifully decorated and the food looked scrumptious. I don't imagine the mix of rain, snow, ice and cold is much to your liking or the dogs, horse and husband. It looks like a nasty and miserable combination. Dr. Porter hit the beach in yesterday's post and had his eye on a waterbird nearby. (We're back to the high 70s and 80-degrees if that helps?)

About your "bla, bla, bla. That's the part of Skoog Farm that I like best. We need to read the "bla" details.

Maery Rose said...

Stop! My soup is tasting so bland after viewing your dinner! But I'm having a peanut blossom cookie that I made and that is darn good!

Lorac said...

We have been having the crazy weather too! Just a while ago it started into freezing rain again! Looks like you are still managing to enjoy the season though!

Gayle said...

Oh, all that sloppy rain. I don't think I'd leave the house! Dinner looked fabulous.