Sunday, December 20, 2009


Yesterday Dream arrived around 3:30 (she is the chestnut). Barb took her through the pasture gate so we could avoid the other horses. Every time a new horse is on the scene, we go through this ritual...snorting and screaming. To be safe, I keep the horses separated (but parallel) until things settle down.

Dream is a thoroughbred off the track back in the mid 80s...almost 16 hands and in great shape.

My little Pony is trying to intimidate her.

Abbe is curious, but pretty kind.

Barb bought Dream from my friend Andrea (Glen Darach Farm where Abbe was in training). She lived over in Christina's World for many years and was the partner to Sunshine. When he was lost to colic last month, she really mourned him and was all alone.

Now she is pretty excited about being with other horses again.

Masterpiece, my 30 yo gelding (and only gelding)...gimpy and all....thinks he is the Mr. stud Muffin and won't leave Dream alone.

He eats his hay right next to her gate.

This is as close as they can be for now.

The regular herd was in the pasture together, and Dream was in the next one over.

It caused a little more excitement, so I put out hay to keep them busy.

How do you like that Swedish blanket I loaned Barb last night so her's could dry out?

I'm sticking close to home today so I can keep an eye on things.

Welcome, sweet girl...


Dream Valley Ranch said...

Ooooh! She is truly Dreamy!! What a pretty face and sweet eyes! No wonder Masterpiece wants to snuggle with her :D

I look forward to seeing you integrate her...I learn so much by watching and hearing from other pony moms!

Welcome to Skoogville beautiful girl!

Sue and The Flowers at DVR

Sunny said...

What a great looking horse Dream is.
She reminds me a lot of a thoroughbred we had many years ago.
The interaction among horses is so interesting to watch.
Sunny :)

Anonymous said...

What a pretty girl and what a pretty name! We're careful when we introduce new horses, too. I like the ugly pony face!

Diary From Africa said...

Welcome to your new family member -she's lucky to be living in such a a wonderful place. Sounds like you are all really going to enjoy having her with you - the horses will, too !

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Sweet Dream!!
I drew her on a envelope as I read...send me your address dear!
Love the blanket on her..hope she is getting over her blues with all your loverly horses!