Sunday, December 27, 2009


Look at what I woke up to today! Time to do chores and the sun was out!

It was so energizing...

Even the clouds were exceptional.

Gary helped me with chores...I got him a new fork yesterday (so much better).

All these shots were taken with my old Sony.

When you have good light, you get good shots.

Almost January and we have no snow. I'll take a few bonus days.

Once again I put the hay in the higher back pasture and really spread it out so there would be less chance for playing keep away.

Dream actually took a couple of bites of her grain this morning.

I used a metal curry to get all the dried gunk off their blankets this morning. It came off fairly well, but I expected them to roll again before dark.

Who would guess that this is a Rambo?

Winnie was the cleanest.

Pony is really growing some long hair this winter.

More ice in a hoof print...going for the macro shots.

Does this look like a couple days after Christmas in western New York????

Here's the Yucca plant I followed all last winter. Has to be one of the toughest green things on our property. We have had snow and temperatures near zero....she still stands tall!

These are the two blossoms from the plants we were given for Christmas. They are changing quickly.

This afternoon I accomplished two things....1) painted some Happy New Year cards (since I didn't create many Christmas cards) and 2) Watched the movie "Bella." Loved it.

Funky, right?

Received some photos from Sabine (Germany) today. I've told you about her before. She was a full year exchange student that lived with us in the late 80s, and we have been in touch ever since. She has been back a couple of times....

and we hope the whole family will make a trip over SOON!

This is where I switched over to my Canon Power Shot. I have not studied the directions yet, and if I don't have my reading glasses on, I push some of the wrong buttons and can't read the messages. So here goes....

Catching the afternoon sun in our living room....

Looking at that green grass on this late December day!

Going for a close up.

Hey, there's Gary stacking wood....again and again.

The clouds behind the windmill look like mountains.


Pony and Dream.

Darrin came over to do a little work with Winnie.

Here's where the real fun started....when the sun began to go down.

I love this shot! Very artsy.....

When I got in the house, we decided to go out to grab a bite at Barber's. Justine was doing chores and we were tired of leftovers. (Back to the old camera).

We had a coupon...if you bought a Balboa Combo you could get the second one for half price.

So we did.

A real townie (classic) bar.

Main Street looked great with all the lights on.

Home before 7 and getting ready to have a cup of tea. Hope you are all relaxed after the holidays (especially all the extra goodies). Night all.


Frank said...

Lori, I cannot believe this is the same farm! From the frozen, Christmas-like tundra to a marvelous, almost Spring-like day.

A wonderful post! The farm looks spectacular and that blue sky beats Tampa, Florida. It is so gray here and chilly (for us.)

The Sony sure shoots good. I got a Nikon D80 from my son and am still reading the instruction manual, book on shooting with it and tips for figuring it out. In the meantime my trusty Lumix is going strong.

Maery Rose said...

Great photos! Love how sunny it looks. We haven't seen the sun for awhile.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your farm is so beautiful. I love the pic of Pony and Dream with the composition and weathered wood in the background. Beautiful!
Your sunset pics are also gorgeous.
Both cameras take great photos to be sure.
I tell people all the time, it's not always the camera. The photographer must have an eye for a great shot for the photo to turn out.
I've seen the photos from many people who own expensive SLRs and the photos are mediocre at best. I've come to the conclusion that you really don't need an expensive camera to take awesome photos.

Your photos prove that. :)


Brenda's Arizona said...

Lori - I always ask the dumbest questions - but do the horses really roll on their backs, like dogs? I just never picture that! And do all horses get thicker coats/hairy in winter? Thanks for your time in my questions - I am sure they aren't what you expect from your followers...

CoyoteFe said...

Terrific shots! I like both camera sources, but since I have a Canon, I am prolly partial. Love the sun sinking in the weeds, and the branches. And, you have Yuengling aat yoru townie bar! That's from around here - yea!
BTW - the snowy horse eye banner is inspired!

Gayle said...

Love the sun. We don't see much of it these days...only a few it is nice to see your sun. Looking forward to warmer days and summer. Soon I'll be ordering seeds. Getting excited and your "spring" shots don't help! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lori. I think your word 'energising' for the sun is spot on. Especially at this time of year, when the feel of the sun on your back really helps.
Regards, Mike.

Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures! You're a good photographer. I went back over your Christmas posts. What a lovely time you had with all your friends and family!! But you must be exhausted after all that.
Wishing you a wonderful start to the new year.

rebecca said...

You have some spectacular pictures here Lori! Wasn't it odd to see the snow gone after that tremendous blizzard? Hope your Christmas was wonderful and wishing you a safe and happy New Year.

Rebecca ♥

Lisa & Gerald said...

Beautiful photo's I always enjoy the beautiful pics..My youngest Maria was by the computer She seen the beautiful pics of the horse's.. She had the biggest smile on her face..Thanks for sharing with us..