Sunday, December 6, 2009


Off we go to the barn....

Phoebe even agreed to it...

Gary helped with chores so the stall cleaning was done quickly.

The hoof prints in the paddock were frozen solid, so I fed the horses in the most level area hoping to have them flatten it out more.

Bermuda didn't like the flash when I took his picture.

After chores were finished I headed to the grooming room and stripped out the two stalls there. Decided to get some shavings at Tractor Supply, which were once again loaded into my PT Cruiser "truck".

Gucci and Phoebe were long for the ride.

Because I was sweeping the floors, the next shot is full of orbs. These stalls come in very handy when more than one of us is grooming or there is a sick horse. The farrier comes tomorrow morning and I will use them so we don't waste any time catching ponies. This part of the barn was used to repair cars by the previous owners. It is insulated ... warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The vet and farrier really appreciate being able to work in here.

By late afternoon is was nice and bright out there, but the temperature was barely above freezing.

The horses still manage to find a little grass to munch on.

I had to move the water trough to a different spot so I can start using a water heater. Pretty amazing that I made it a week into December before needing it this year. I did, however, put on the horses winter blankets last night.

Trina and Justine did chores tonight, and I started on dinner. At the last minute I invited Roger and Tina over.

We had....a marinated asparagus salad with roasted red peppers, olives and Gorganzola cheese.

Cranberry orange relish...

Ham loaf basted with cider vinegar and sugar...

Crusty (grilled) bread...

A blend of sweet and regular potatoes....mashed (milk, butter, a little cream cheese, salt & pepper)

The plate above is not very well designed, but the flavors were outstanding. Have you ever had a ham loaf?

I want you to see Tina's jacket. It is from the 1996 Olympics and I think it is a knock out.
After dinner we had some very interesting conversations about world affairs and how it gets reported to us. What is really going on out there? Roger is a real movie buff and we wrote down several recommendations. I don't know anyone who reads more than these two...they are tuned in and very hip to so many things going on around us. Not your average bears.

It's late. Night all.


CoyoteFe said...

Oh what could be better? The dogs in their coats, a new photo of Bermuda and that asparagus salad looks mighty tasty!

Frank said...

The dogs look like they've acclimated to the weathewr already. (NO jackets?)Full of life and vigor.

The warmer/cooler section of the barn sounds like the perfect place to work on a old spots car restoration.
Your meal looked scrumptious but I have never heard of a ham loaf. Your grilled toast only needed the fresh garlic to be perfect.

The Olympics jacket is unbelievable.

Frank said...

Sorry, NOW I see the coats on the pups. I was looking at their cute faces and missed the winter wraps.

Unknown said...

Please tell Miss Gucci that, as a fellow moustache cultivator, I do admire hers. It seems to be getting more distinguished these days (which is what one aims at, of course).

Your food, Lori, looks, as always, absolutely delicious.
Cheers, Mike.

Anonymous said...

I love to read your daily journals. :) Nice to see how you spend your day, and I'd love to have the recipe for that ham loaf. My grandmother used to make a delious one. :)