Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is how it looked this morning. The weatherman was not kidding.


I shoveled a path to the barn, and dragged my little "saucer" (apples and hot water) over the snow. It sure beats carrying things

For a minute it would look bright and clear....

Then it would start blowing like crazy.

See that dark spot in the snow next to my shadow? It kept showing up in the pictures. Has that ever happened to you? The closer the shot, the darker the spot.

Today I put the hay in the to the barn or next to the stockade fencing. It really protected them from the wind (for a while, at least).

Didn't get into the house until 10:45. Had to do some shoveling first.

That's when I had a front row seat to "Wrestlemania."

They play like this everyday.

Did you catch that Dr. Porter?

I was having a few issues with my left arm so I went for a massage at 1:30. She tried to finish me off!!! No messing around...and it takes her seconds to find knots or spots that need attention. If you have never gone that route, I would highly recommend it. Between that and a nice steaming hot shower, it's like preventative medicine.

On my way home, the weather started to change.

By the time I passed through the village, it started to snow big time!

The closer I got to the farm, the worse the visibility became....

That's how it looked when I pulled in the driveway!

I took the dogs with me when I went out to open up the indoor for the horses.

They must have stood on their heads in the snow.

Then we had a little break in the wind....

The horses went into the indoor long enough to roll, but they seemed to want to be out in that horrendous weather.

Winnie loves to roll....and she will do it everyday all winter.

They needed their blankets with the winds gusting over 40mph.

Does Pony have a beautiful eye or what?

Gary was gone all day. When he got home I decided to make breakfast for dinner. Bacon, eggs, crispy homefries with onions and English muffins....and OJ of course. Comfort food again.

Did not start the fire until 4:30....Now it's time for me to go sit on the hearth.

Night all.


restoration42 said...

What a day!!! Here I sit whining about our coastal cold spell . . . boy, I'm a rather big wimp I'd say. Love the tasty looking breakfast at the end of day, and the cozy fire. Stay warm and safe!

Frank said...

Dr. Porter thought of the Skoog girls ALL day and wondered what playing in the snow would be like. Well, Gucci and sis sure do play and have a ball!! I watched your weather and kept wondering if you get "lake effect snow" or just reagular, heavy, cold blowing snow?

The last shot of the field with the layered clouds in the sky and stillness is really beautiful. I can feel the snow and cold just looking at it. (I may have a fire here if it doesn't climb out of the 60s. Of course we would have to go find wood to burn. ("Honey, do you still want that old chair in the attic?")

Tell the girls Dr. Porter is NOT wearing his bathing trunks waiting on them. Do they have an extra parka?

diane b said...

It looks awfully cold. I doubt I could handle that weather.However it makes for beautiful photos and the dogs and horses don't seem to mind either. The puppies are sooo cute. Sorry can't help with the black spot on the photo, I remember reading in my manual about getting a dark shadow at the bottom of a pic. Can't remember what it said about it. I think it means you are too close for that setting.
Keep warm.

Stephanie - Siouxzeegirl Designs said...

The animals sure do love the snow!! It seems to just invigorate them... must be because they know they have a loving respite from it when needed.

Esther Garvi said...

The Skoogs critters are all so charming, Lori! I love the snowy landscape, the dogs seem to have so much fun! I'm sure Sheba would love it too, if she just got to wear boots and a thick sweater!

Janet said...

Wow! This gives me some real insight into life on the wintertime farm! Glad you made it home safely.

Maery Rose said...

That looks like it was quite a storm! I hate driving when you can't see like that. Your dogs are so cute in the snow and wrestling indoors. And the food and fire look so comforting.

Lorac said...

Looks like a great time and opportunity for a photo fest! Great pics and always like your write ups to go with them!