Saturday, December 5, 2009


Yes, it was freezing this morning. Gary helped me with chores and we were finished early enough for me to go out and pick the back pasture.

It was as grey as it gets!

Almost monochromatic....

Got in the house by 9:45 and took a quick shower.

Met Tina in the parking lot of Ryan's where I left my car. We drove out to Marti's on Main to pick up the artwork that was in our show.

Kim, Jean, Tina and I took all the work off the walls and grouped it for easier pick up.

Brenda and Al showed up while we were there.

A long time ago, Brenda said she was going to give Tina the painting she did of DJ, and today the transfer took place. As you can see, Tina was beaming and grateful.

December 5th and this gorgeous flower was surviving on the steps to the gallery.

We decided to go out to lunch and Kim HIGHLY recommended Carlton's Four Seasons Family Restaurant (5 minutes down the road).

We had been there some time ago for Dinner, so we knew lunch had to be good.

There's Brenda, trying to figure out something that is gluten free.

Tina got a roast beef wrap.

The chef made Brenda a Southwestern Chicken wrap without the wrap and dolled it up with some broccoli. He even gave her some fruit on the side.

Al had a Reuben...

And I had a BLT wrap. We all had their homemade french fries. Everything was superb!

This is the Chef/Owner Stephen DeSantis. He has worked at some of the finest restaurants in Rochester and went out on a limb to have his own place. Everything on the menu is fresh (and what a difference in quality).

I'm not sure who this is, but she is part of the restaurant in some way. We had a great talk with her when she came over to see if we were happy with our meals.

There is a small bar...

and a couple of fish tanks that I could not resist.

A Christmas tree was in the entrance area... The place is simple, clean and welcoming. Great service, presentation and very accommodating. "That's a melt, sure...he could turn it into a wrap. You want lots of sauerkraut? No problem." Probably one of the most satisfying lunches I have had in a restaurant.

Did I ever tell you how much I like neon signs?

When we got back to Brockport I went to Country Treasures to see what I could see.

There was a Chamilia sale going on, so I had to check things out.

I love this bracelet and can't wait to have it totally filled with beads.

While I was gone, Gary cooked up about 10 pounds of "korv" (Swedish sausage) which he had all sliced up and ready to go. At 6 we had to be in Rochester for a Scandinavian dinner and he really enjoyed his time in the kitchen today preparing these dishes.

Korv can be made in several ways. Above, is a potato sausage and below it is meat based. In the next week or so Gary and our friend Randy will make about 40 pounds of this from scratch. It is delicious and they have been doing it before Christmas for nearly 20 years.

When I arrived on the scene, I gave him my recipe and he made 200 meatballs...Swedish meatballs.

Trina did chores...the dogs and I went out to put winter blankets on the horses...

Got in about 5:15 and we were off and running.

Above is the main man of the kitchen, and below is a shot of the crowd. Over 100 attended, and they ran out of food.

Fortunately we got home early enough for me to do this. Now it's couch time.
Night all.

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Gayle said...

I love all the restaurant stuff you share. I worked in the restaurant business a lot of years (waitress, bartender, manager) and loved it. Miss it, but too many hours with children.

A Scandanavian dinner. Wow! You guys are busy all the time. Too bad they ran out of food.