Friday, December 18, 2009


They say it got down to 3 degrees last night...and I believe it. Now, I have added a neck warmer to my ensemble and it makes a difference. I don't know about you other horse people out there, but when I take off my barn clothes (which includes long underwear, a turtleneck and sweats) take a hot shower, and put on regular clothes....I'm freezin'. Long underwear definitely puts me in the comfort zone.

Both dogs went out with me. The first thing they do is run over to the neighbors yard to see if they can harrass Harley (chocolate Lab).

I don't know how their little feet can take it.

Within 10 minutes I put them back in the house.

When I finished the chores, the ponies were wandering out to the "pastureless."

I'm going to have one heck of an electric bill, but using the hot water heater sure keeps the water trough nice.

Everyday Abbe comes into the barn to see if there is any good hay outside the feed room door.
She tunes in to when I sweep.

Stayed close to home until 1:30, when Gary and I went into Brockport to finish up our Christmas shopping. At 2:30, Finn was going to be part of a concert at his school.

Mary Pat and Ellen were there. They seem to get in a lot of my posts!

Finn had a lot of family in the audience...Jenny, Cooper, Kevin, Grampa Tom, Patty, Grampa Skoog and Nanna.

The music teacher has selected this group of children to participate in a first grade chorus.

They love to sing, and sing they did....about 8 Holiday songs and they memorized every one!
I was very impressed. And as Mr. Turner said, "if they like to sing, this is an activity they can participate in all through their school careers." Children's voices are so sweet!

Home around 3:30 and the sun was shining. The horses were catching a few rays, even tho it did not get out of the teens.

Chores at 5.

It was SO dark when I got back in the house.

Phoebe went in early, but Gucci stuck it out with me.

As for dinner... Roasted potatoes and carrots.

Coleslaw with Savoy cabbage, onion, carrot, apple and pineapple. I splash on some cider vinegar, celery salt, salt and pepper, a little sugar.....toss it and add a little mayo. Try it.

I pounded the heck out of a couple of chicken breasts until they looked like little platters. Dredged them in flour, dipped them in egg...into a frying pan. They are finished in a flash.
Removed them and threw in a chopped onion and some white wine...when they were carmalized, I returned the chicken to the pan for a couple more minutes (covered)...very tender.

We split one chicken breast and will have the rest tomorrow for lunch.

Now, I need to get under some covers. Tomorrow afternoon Dream arrives...I will have to do a photoshoot. Night all.


diane b said...

Thanks for a dinner idea. Just might have that tonight. The school concert looked sweet. Finn will turn out a fine kid with all that family support. Do the ponies feel the cold in their feet?

Anonymous said...

The kids are so cute. I haven't seen a Christmas show like that for years.
It looks like you've got about as much snow as we do.

Keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Your ideas always seems so busy and full of fun!

Maery Rose said...

My electric bill last week wasn't too bad but I expect the next one will probably cover the coldest of the weather. I'm shutting off some other things in the house to try and balance out the outdoor electricity needs for the water tank and the electric heat tape around the barn pump. I bet the kids singing brought smiles to everyone's faces.