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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Yep (Gayle), all the snow is pretty much gone. It rained all night....

and it started spitting again around 9am. 43 degrees most of the day.

Behind Dream, is the pond that formed in our big pasture.

I got there too late to catch her splashing in the part that ran into the back pasture.

Fortunately, it was high enough there for them to eat their hay without standing in mud.

Being the nice person that I am, I opened the indoor so they could hang out in a nice dry spot.
My reward, was to have them roll in their wet blankets... For awhile, all six of them were inside. Abbe loves to challenge Dream, and I give her a lot of credit for going in there with the rest of them. Justine is back in business doing chores. Her arm (that was broken back in June) has finally healed enough for her to give her Mom a rest. Trina has been covering for her 2 times a week.

I had to use a shedding blade to scrape off the glop.

Tomorrow should be around 36...I can't wait for more mud. It should take me forever to clean these guys up.

In spite of the rain, I had to let the pups out to get some exercise.

Around dinner time, I grabbed Bermuda out of the basement and brought him in the house for some socializing.

Gucci, who normally chases him, was scared.

He started out on top of the dryer....

Then moved down to the floor.

On the count of three, Gucci AND Phoebe were on the attack!!!!and he hid behind the couch.
At least he had some time in the house (never stops meowing tho....wants to go out).

Dinner was leftovers....I turned the Swedish meatballs into stroganoff.

We had no sense of time tonight. At 6pm it seemed like it was 10! It's 9:44 and Gary is already in bed. Tomorrow is another day....night all.


  1. Dream seems to be holding her own! Stay as dry as you can!

    (my word verification was "share" - how nice!)

  2. It's muddy around here too..We took Jake to the dog park and he was covered in mud from head to toe..It's very mild here we just had a dusting of snow...and it's gone already..Hope you have a wonderful day..

  3. Love your Christmas's photos!
    I wish to you and yours a Happy New Year!

  4. It is amazing how much the blog world has made me appreciate my own home (and health) more and more each day. It is official: I will take my 10 degrees and very dry snow over your 40 degrees with wet mud any day of the week. I guess I never realized how easy we have it. Our summers are warm and full of sun all night long, our winters may be long, dark and cold, but they are dry and easy. I sure hope you don't get any more rain any time soon!


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