Sunday, December 20, 2009


My posting has been all mixed up lately...this chubbo squirrel was right next to me on campus yesterday...they are very tame over there.

My morning drill? I already covered that with my post about dream. Gary helped me with chores...the dogs went out to the barn...someone stopped off to pick up a gift card for 6 art lessons (Christmas present)...blah blah blah (Frank). I have not left the property for days, except for the memorial service we attended. Turning into a full blown HERMIT!

Christmas Cactus number two is really a Christmas Cactus.

Here are some shots of the morning sky. Grey, but nice and quiet.

We may have actually hit 30 degrees today.

Trina and Justine did chores tonight. Having a new horse is quite an adjustment. I don't like to have them out there without me during this transition period.

Back in the house, Gary made one of our breakfast dinners.... And I loved it. Perfect.

All afternoon I tried to create some Christmas cards and I have a mental block. I have not painted in ages, and I CAN'T GET BACK IN THE GROOVE.

and I have to get some cards out tomorrow!!!

H E L P ! ! ! !

I am quitting for now. Night all.


CoyoteFe said...

LOL! Stop i! They look terrific!

diane b said...

Sounds like you need a nice glass of red.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that you find your creative spirit. Joyeux Noël!

Anonymous said...

Fun cards! Don't work too hard, just enjoy!

Frank said...

Your cards look grwat and anyone would would be thrilled and proud to recive one from you. I especially like the tree and the star.

The master who can't get back to painting? Is like like the cobbler who goes shoeless after helping to teach others to cut leather, sew and form shoes for the rest of the town?
You have so many things on your plate - aside from teh delicious breakfast dinner - plus a new horse, is it any wonder painting for youreself sems like a chore?

I enjoyed the photos of th fiels and sky. It looks so COLD. We just had a drop in temperature but a couple of days ago was near perfect...go see Dr. Porter atplaying at the beach.

That should make you feel a little bit warmer. I'm sending some sunshine your way - blinding Florida bla, bla, bla.

The postcards are great!!

Sunny said...

Your cards are magical!
Sunny :)

allhorsestuff said...

I LOVE YOUR cards LORI! Great!!!
513 Madison Street
Oregon City, Oregon
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Send me YOURS TOO!