Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Not Cooking

Mildish today....mid 40s.

After chores I extended the "clothesline" in the barn so I could hang up more blankets.
While we were resetting grain for the night feed, Seamus joined us in the feed room....looking for cookies.

This morning Gary ran a couple errands and picked up Little Wonder's black coat that my friend Hanny altered.  What a seamstress!  It is now a perfect fit.  And she sent him a bag of cookies to go with it.  He loves them!  Many thanks!!!!
At 10 "Four Winds" showed up to check out our kitchen wood stove so we could get a second estimate.  Yikes!!!!!!$5,124 to put in a stainless steel pipe and make sure everything is insulated and safe!  Our last estimate was $1,000 less.  I can't imagine not having wood fires this winter.  Tomorrow we will have to see how soon we can get this repaired.
At noon I arrived at the home of Lori St. for a She Sings rehearsal preceded by lunch.

Greek Pizza and a salad from Kroney's.  Delicious!

Her Dad was visiting and joined us.  What a sweetheart!

Carrot Cake from Cheese Eddy's for dessert!  Living' the life!
We got around to the music, still acoustic.  Our next gig is January 30th so we now have a new playlist.

Home around 4:30 and got ready for evening chores.

Needless to say....I was not in the mood for making dinner.  Treated Gary and myself to Club sandwiches at the Diner.  Yum.  Outside the window we could see the pine tree planted in Sagawa park.
 It must be almost 20 feet tall and will be a beautiful addition to every Christmas Season.  Kudos to all of those who worked on this project.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Another wonderful day for you all up North, love the clothesline. p.s.All those bulbs are not for me, one daughter and one new friend will get the majority, I might end up with about 12 !!!

Sandra said...

Playing to wooden box is fantastic! I enjoyed the music. We are in more mild temps now so you probably won't be getting the cold weather we've had. The boys don't look as dirty as usual.

Dee said...

Dear Lori, back in 1993, I got to visit Greece because Dulcy's book had been published the year before and I'd made some royalties--Dulcy just keeps on giving me still. I had Greek pizza in Pylos and it truly was the best pizza i'd ever eaten then or since. Also, thanks for the music. I put drops in my eyes each day--10x in both eyes. Each time, I set the Google mini alarm for two minutes so the fluid can be absorbed by the eye. And during that time, I listen to whatever YouTube music is available for free. Quit frequently, what's available are two or three different renditions of "Poor Wayfaring Stranger." I"m thinking of having that song as part of my funeral service when the time comes. Is that a song that your group does? I so like the banjo the three groups use! Peace.