Saturday, December 10, 2022

Finally, The Last 50 Bales of Hay

29 degrees during morning chores.  Got into the 30s and we had some decent sunshine.  Today I took some photos with my iPhone and a few with my point and shoot.  Can you tell the difference?

At 11 we put the horses in Ronin's pasture so Jerry could drive our truckload of hay up to the loft.

Once's a premier batch of 2nd cutting grass.  We are so lucky to get such quality.
While we had help, the hay for Andrea was moved by the door....we covered the hay that was left for me, and swept up the floor.  Lots of stuff to get rid of.

By then, the ponies were really enjoying the sunshine.
I took the afternoon off after running a couple of errands in Brockport.
Evening chores at 5.

I did not even start on dinner until I got back in the house.  Chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.  Simple and yummy.
Night all.

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Sandra said...

I think the photos showing a more dense color are the iPhone photos. We are in the mid to upper 30s until Friday when it drops. Single digits during the day and minus numbers overnight. Up and down.