Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmas Eve Happened

 Ariana can’t get a plane out of Buffalo or Rochester and was able to spend Christmas Eve with us.  Hopefully has a flight from Syracuse tomorrow morning.  The weather is still crazy, but we were still able to gather for a delicious smorgasbord!  Still no wi fi, cable tv or land line.  Who knows when all that will return.  Below o with the wind and so grateful to have power.  I have so many pictures !  Will have to spare you.  Does anyone know how to post a photo on your blog from an iphone?  Merry Christmas!


Nancy J said...

From the news we get down here Buffalo was maybe one of the worst affected areas.I transfer my photos with Airdrop, have my iphone near my laptop, it comes up with " Jeans Macbook Pro " then rename them, and they are in downloads.I am so thankful you are all safe. Merry Christmas, we are now in the 26th, very early morning, had a quiet Christmas Day, and Hugh cooked the ham on our Weber BBQ, Perfect.

Sandra said...

Google your blog's name and click on it. You may be signed in because you blog from another apple product. It's basically the same as on your computer, so once you are there I think you can figure it out. Let me know if you need help.

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