Thursday, December 1, 2022

Wind Advisory

High winds (gusts up to 50mph), sunshine and bundled up.

I made a little cave for the cats when they hangout upstairs in the hay.
Ronin and Rebel did not care about the wind and

got into their dance.

Late morning I ran a whole bunch of errands.  First I went to the bank, then to Hamlin to drop off 3 bags of donations to Lifetime Solutions.  It was my first time, so before leaving I went into the store section and found two Polish pottery pie plates.  Could not resist them.  A real find.

On the way home I stopped at Wegmans for a boatload of groceries as we have invited the crew that helped with our tree cutting project over for dinner on Saturday. Then...shavings at Country Max and finally to the Subaru dealership to set up my new iPhone (you would think I would get it by now). 
Scott requested potato pancakes, so I am making a German dinner.  Kilbasa, several different sausages, sweet and sour red cabbage, pumpernickel bread....and Jenny will make noodles with a mushroom gravy.  Janet is bringing a surprise dessert.  Should be a good meal.

Ronin had all kinds of appointments today.  The farriers arrived first....then the Vet, who x-rayed his feet to make sure everything was going well with what they have been doing....and later the Vet returned to do his monthly Chiro work.  All of his reports were very positive, which was good news.  Needless to say, Janet was very pleased.
I did not get enough fire time this afternoon.
The wind died down by evening chores but I was still freezing.  Once again, Seamus and Rebel were filthy.

Time to go warm up.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

We have wind advisories and warnings for tonight. No surprise. It will get to 47 and then drop and be cold...cold.

Looks like a wonderful day!

Sandra said...

Those boys! I love gelding play, they are characters. You scored with those pie plates, I wouldn't be able to resist them, either. I think everyone will be quite satisfied with the food, sounds good to me. We had a very blustery day yesterday, too.