Tuesday, December 13, 2022

19 Degrees

I find that knowing the weather forecast is important to me....not that it makes a big difference.  Fortunately we had sunshine most of the day and all survived.  Not too many pictures.  Stayed close to home except for a quick trip to Wegmans and Aldis.

Sidney always finds this particular spot when the rays are strong.

Gary had yoga and lunch out with friends.  When he got home I ran my errands.  Other than laundry, I was totally unproductive this afternoon.  Tucked the ponies in at 5.  Seamus and Rebel must roll many times during the day...their blankets and coats seem to be very attracted to mud.

Meatball sandwiches and a big salad for dinner.  Hit the spot.  I need to get the lead out tomorrow.
Night all.

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Sandra said...

It was lousy here yesterday. Rain, sleet and finally snow overnight. The horses stayed in the barn. It's mid 30s and overcast now. The weather report is important when there are horses involved.

You make the best salads!