Friday, December 2, 2022

Mama's Rolls

Another dull, windy day....but very busy!

After chores I had to drop Gary off in Brockport to get a haircut....then off to West Herr Subaru for an oil change.

Back at the ranch I got the table set for tomorrow nights dinner....
made some applesauce....

and sweet and sour red cabbage.  Will have to spend some time tomorrow preparing the sausage and 8 billion potato pancakes.
Gary went down to Sara's and bought Jenny and me a wreath.
While he did that, Little Wonder and I got in some nap time.

Chores at 5...

Then I took a quick shower and we drove down to a new little restaurant to try some of their egg rolls.
We did not know a thing about it and when we arrived, found out that he only makes one kind of egg roll and he had a few drink choices.
The owner is a young man who went to the University of Buffalo (can't remember his degree) but really wanted to start a restaurant.  So here he is!  What a sharp kid.
We ran into another couple that knew exactly who we were.  She and Gary both worked at Owens Illinois back in the late 60s.  Crazy.
The owner did this painting!
We wish him all the best.  The egg rolls were delicious, but I think he is going to have to expand his menu if he wants people to come back.
From there we went to the Hart Gallery for the Brockport Artists' Guild opening.
Our friends, Doug and Roseanne were providing the music and many of our busker pals were there to support them.
(This is a copy of a video as I could not get it to load....hope it works).

We know many of the artists.  Here are some samples of their work.

(these happen to be our horses)

A different day, and it was fun to run into many of our friends.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

The horses, the kitty, and the necklace, my picks. The potato cakes, HOW many are coming?????

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your dinner tonight. It’s so nice you are fixing a good meal to thank your tree removal workers. A hearty meal all will enjoy. Thanks for the tip on the new restaurant. The art show had some interesting pictures and I liked how the one showed High Falls. Will have to check it out. Kathy

Sandra said...

I can tell you have experience setting a large table! Seamus and Rebel need to pay more attention to Ronan. They need to teach him to roll in mud. :) You live in the best community. And the video works.