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Friday, December 23, 2022

The Snow Bomb Has Hit!

 I can’t post with my computer as we have no Wi-Fi and the storm is not letting up.  Never used my phone before and need to figure out how to add photos.  65 mph winds off and on….horses in for the duration except for the 7th inning stretch while we clean and reset stalls.  Headed fo -20 degree tonight with the wind chill.  So far we still have power and a tiny tv with rabbit ears so we can see the news.  Will catch up tomorrow.  Ariana is not able to get out of the Rochester airport and is still at Jenny’s.  The rest of the Boise delegation made it home .  Stay warm!


Nancy J said...

Snowmageddon has hit everywhere. Stay safe, stay inside, stay warm, and stay waiting till Santa might arrive, if he should be so lucky to even find a chimney in this.better to be home than stranded at an airport, thankfully you had the visitors for a wonderful time when they could travel, and Ariana, she will be content to stay put and stay safe too.

Val Ewing said...

Yikes. Hope everything comes back on line for you soon. That storm was nasty. The lingering cold is frightful.