Friday, December 9, 2022

A Little Snow

Still grey out there.

The ponies are much more interested in eating hay now.

Ronin and Rebel were dancing as usual.
At 10am I met Hanny and Lorna down at the Rec Center to purchase some hats made by the Senior Knitting Group.  Between us we bought 13!  Here are the ones I picked.

They are all so soft and cozy.

After lunch I cleared everything away from our free standing wood stove in the living room so we could start using it today.  I've been in cardiac arrest without having a fire in the kitchen.  We should have that one back on around January 4th.  You can really crank this one.
Little Wonder, the cats, and I watched a movie before chores.

It was pitch black at 5pm when we put the horses in for the night.

Leftovers for dinner.
Tomorrow we will get another load of hay (should be the last), then I am going to attempt to teach my friend Carol and her sister Sue how to play the baritone ukulele.  Should be a good time.
Night all.


Terra said...

Those are such sweet photos of your fur family all in their coats. It reminds me of the cover of a book I like, Will's Red Coat (Will is a dog, it is a true story). Your free standing fireplace would be a welcome addition to any home. California is riddled with picky laws, in my town you can not have any wood stove or fireplace installed. Pellet stoves are allowed. Don't tell anyone but my home has a working fireplace.

Sandra said...

Geldings! I'm so happy you have another wood stove, it would be awful going through December without a fire. Those hats look warm and comfortable and Gary makes a perfect model! Leftovers don't look like leftovers!