Friday, December 30, 2022

The Lame Rebel

We hit the mid 50s today.

When I got out to the barn this morning, there was Rebel, gimpy on one of his front legs.  No heat in his hoof, but very sensitive in his shoulder area.  Maybe he fell in the pasture....don't know.  Gave him some bute and a long massage and put on some sore no more.

The sunrise was not quite as dramatic today....but still beautiful.

Rebel managed to go out to the pasture with his buddies, but he sure did not look very good.  Almost all of the snow is gone.

After chores Gary and I ran a couple of errands and when I got back to the farm, checked on Ronin, who was having his shoes reset.  The farriers love being able to back their truck into the indoor.  That won't work once we get some snow.

I sure feel sorry for this boy.  He has always been such a healthy trooper.

Tonight he hobbled in and we checked his feet (not sensitive and no heat) and gave him another soft massage with cream.

I'm going back out later so I left the porch lights on under the shed roof.  Love the way this photograph makes it look.

Little Wonder has had very muddy feet today.  Fortunately they were dried off and clean before he went to his favorite spot for a snooze.

An instant replay for dinner.
Night all.



Terra said...

Your shed roof does look very pretty with the lights on at night, and I hope your horse heals quickly.

Nancy J said...

Dramatic lighting, Rebel, hope that he's a lot better tomorrow.

Sandra said...

I hope Rebel feels better today. The lighting is pretty.