Saturday, December 17, 2022

The Eagles Have Landed

Snow squalls off and the low 30s. It was so dark when I got up this morning.

In between chore duties, Janet and I attempted to get some photos for her saddle fitter as we think Ronin has grown out of his.  Fortunately it has an adjustable tree and it's possible to have it corrected.  This is his old one (not the one in his saddle now) and he sure must have been a lot smaller when she bought it.

All three ponies have decided that eating hay is a good idea....tho they did go out to hunt for grass.

While we were still in the barn, our granddaughter, Ariana, and two of her friends arrived.  She took them on a tour of the barns and introduced them to the horses.  One more friend is joining them (flying over from England) and they are currently on their way to the Buffalo Bills game.  Last year (at this time) they went to Long Island and stayed with Ariana's other grandparents while they played in the Big Apple.  We are honored that they chose to visit us.  Jenny, Scott, Finn and Coop are enjoying their company and they will all be staying there for a couple of nights before coming to the farm.

Two are from Las Vegas, and one from Vancouver.  I hope they are able to stay warm at the game tonight!

This afternoon I made a major pot of sauce with meatballs and Italian sausage for dinner tomorrow night.  Jen and crew will join us.
I forgot to take my phone with me to the barn and was too lazy to walk back to get it... so I took a photo of the barn instead of the horses (while Janet was finishing up).

Before evening chores I made some BBcued Green and Yellow beans (from our garden).
Also popped a couple of pork chips in the oven.
 And made a very simple salad....
We were ready to chow!
Unfortunately, we are not able to get the Buffalo Bills game on our TV tonight (blocked...they want you to pay for it) so we will have to listen to it on the radio.  I hope Ariana takes some videos.
Night all.



marlane said...

Hi I am new here. I am curious about the picture for the saddle fitter, is that a measuring device that you are using that mimics the tree angle of your horses old saddle ?

Anonymous said...

My husband is listening on the radio to the game too. Enjoy your family home for the holidays. Kathy

Sandra said...

I'm sure it feels really good to have all these young people around. I miss that part of having a trainer here, always were young, fun women.

Another of those salads. Everything looks soooo good.