Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Still Taking It Easy

Seeing the sun today was a real upper.

After chores Janet and I got the last 13 bales of hay (last years) out of the loft and downstairs so we can mix it with our new stuff over the next month.  Now the raised storage area is totally empty.  All the new hay is stored in what used to be a grainary so the birds can't mess it up.
I folded up all the old tarps and got them out for today's garbage collection.

Little Wonder said he liked being in the sun too.

Ariana, Harvey and Ryland stopped up for a little while before heading out to see Lake Ontario.  Hopefully Kyryll will be back in Vancouver this evening with no problems.
I started watching a series this afternoon after doing some laundry and changing sheets.  Other than that, nothing until evening chores.  Jenny and the Boise Delegation are going out for wings tonight at the Rooster, and tomorrow Ryland and Harvey will be flying out of two different airports....very early in the morning.

We had enough leftovers to make garbage plates for dinner last night.  No cooking tonight.

Night all.



Nancy J said...

It still looks very cold, so much snow in so many places, hope all travel and flights go safely.

Sandra said...

Although I do like to see the sun, it does mean it's cold outside! It's sunny and -12 F. Yippee. You are always busy.