Thursday, December 22, 2022

Headed For The Freezer

A crazy day.

This morning Jen drove Harvey to the Rochester airport.  Ariana drove Ryland to the Buffalo Airport.  Just now Jenny and Scott drove Ariana to the Rochester Airport and now all three of them are on their way back to Brockport as the plane she was supposed to fly on is stuck in Chicago.  She may be here for a couple more days.  The temperature at her parents home in Kansas City, Kansas is -7 degrees!  Yuck! 

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Gary and Jenny headed to Jamestown to do some shopping at Ecklof's bakery and Peterson's for korv and sil and Janet and I did the usual out in the barn.

After we finished, I took photos of Ronin so Janet could send them to her saddle fitter.  A new, wider bar was put in her saddle and we wanted to see if it was going to be alright.

Much better than the other, but it would not surprise me if he needed an extra large.
When we finished, he hightailed it out to Rebel and Seamus.

Gary and Jen got back to the farm late afternoon with about 5 grocery bags of goodies.  Almond, Pecan and Apple Braids, scorpors, Cookies, Korv, Sil, fresh ground coffee and more!  They also brought back a dozen hot dogs with everything from Johnnie's.  They put them in a cooler and after 3 hours they were still warm when they got here.
Ariana got everything packed and was ready to go....Jenny and Scott drove her to the airport (and that is where this post began).  Now they are back in Brockport for who knows how long.
By evening chores, the wind was really kicking up.  Not looking forward to the next three days.  Fortunately, we have plenty of food for ourselves and all the animals.  I think the ponies will be spending some extra time in the barn.

Today Janet helped me hang a tarp at the top of Rebel's side door.  It keeps out the wind and I can drop it down to the floor.  Hopefully we won't really get winds up to 70 miles per hour.
I got a major load of shavings and planned to put them in their stalls for Christmas, but I did it today instead, as they may be inside a lot.  Feather beds.
Little Wonder and I got wet going out and coming back from the barn.

No cooking.  Just Johnnie's hots.
Night all.

Just got a photo from Carol from yesterday's ride (Ariana and friends) out to the lake.  They really enjoyed seeing her and were happy to meet Ryland and Harvey.
Carol and Sue are really getting into playing the ukes.


Val Ewing said...

Nice! We have -10 F and if I was on the ridge our house would be shaking from the winds. Here is it quiet and I am grateful.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Bad weather and no access to posting tonight…..Friday. Will catch up after the storm.