Saturday, December 3, 2022

It's All About The Potato Pancakes

Not that cold, but grey with wild wind gusts over 50 mph and some late morning rain. 

The wind started kicking up by the time we finished chores.
This afternoon we cleaned the house and started on our German dinner for 9.  I owed Scott a meal with potato pancakes for all the work he has done for us, particularly taking down 5 trees and trimming several more.  Tonight he, Jenny, Ed, Annette, Janet, Don and Alan were joining us in appreciation for all the work that was done.  First I sliced up three different kinds of kielbasa and mixed them with apples and onions....put them in a crockpot to finish cooking and started on
the potato pancakes.  This time we used a box grater instead of the food processor.  So much better.

I could only make a few at a time and it seemed like it was taking forever,
I had already made the applesauce
and sweet and sour cabbage yesterday.
Vacuumed the house, sat down for half an hour and then went out to do chores.  Just when I thought Rebel could not be filthier.....
Everyone arrived at 6 and by 6:30 we were eating.

Jenny and Scott made noodles and mushroom gravy.
Gary grilled several kinds of sausage.

I could not have been happier with the meal.
Kielbasa, sausages, sweet and sour red cabbage, noodles with mushroom gravy. pumpernickel bread and potato pancakes that could be topped with applesauce, sour cream or cottage cheese. Just as good as anything we have eaten at Swan Market!
One day in the barn, Janet and I were talking about the dessert for this meal and thought it would be such fun to have cake that looked like a log in honor of all the work we did during the tree cutting.  Didn't she have these two cakes made at Wegmans....special order I am sure.  Not only that, they were surrounded by branches and leaves!  There are not too many people more generous that Janet!  What a perfect dessert!  One cake was chocolate....the other was pumpkin!
Such a great evening!  Ed and Annette brought a bottle of wine, apples for the horses and 2 bags that she made.  They have lived near us for 30 years....finally we are spending some time together.

Night all.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful meal you prepared to thank everyone who helped with a big chore. I miss Hof Brahaus restaurant that closed many years ago as their potato pancakes tasted so good. Relax today! Kathy

Sandra said...

I do love the large gathering at a table. It feels happy. Now I think I need to make potato pancakes. Rebel!