Monday, December 5, 2022

Non Stop

A beautiful sunrise and plenty of sunshine.

The ponies seem to prefer eating hay behind the grooming room so they can be out of the wind.

At 10:30 I went out to grab Rebel and Seamus as the farrier was arriving at 11:00.  I wanted to have time to wash Seamus's tail before his feet were trimmed.

I just can't believe how often they roll in the mud.
I had just enough time to grab a shower before going to Hanny's for bridge.  Her daughter made us a beautiful dessert.  My partner and I managed to win after the last hand.
As soon as I got home I locked the horses in the small pasture as Andrea was coming to get some of the hay she has stored in our barn.
I'm so glad that Gary was there to help.  We sent her home with 28 bales.

Little Wonder absolutely loves her.
By then it was dark and chore time.

No matter how many times I clean Rebel up he comes in like this.
Janet and I are so organized.  Hay nets ready for tomorrow.  Having her here sure has been a pleasure and we are really in a great groove.  

She is a retired elementary teacher and continues to teach Judo at the college. Has a 6th degree black belt and her father (who taught at the college) was the USA coach for the Judo Olympic Team many years ago.

I'm still riding my trike to and from the barn....carry stuff in the basket and it keeps my knee (replaced) in shape.
In the 40s tonight so Little Wonder did not need his new black coat.  Today I left it with Hanny (where we played bridge) as she is going to alter it for him.  Lucky dog!

Our last night for leftovers.
Night all.

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Sandra said...

I think I'd give up on your muddy boys! That was a beautiful sky. I think I would learn to play bridge if it came with a dessert like that.