Sunday, December 11, 2022

What A Nasty Day

A little snow, a little rain, low 30s.

The weather does not seem to bother these three.

My assistant was properly dressed.
After chores I raked the indoor as Janet was having a lesson with Dawn at 11.

Went back in for nap, but both Sidney and Little Wonder were on my lap at the same time.  Usually LW does not put up with that.

Went out to do chores a little early and all the horses were soaked from standing out in the weather.  I will never figure out why they don't go in the indoor or under the shed roof.
I took the sheet off Seamus and rubbed him down with towels before putting on his new blanket to make sure he is nice and cozy tonight.

Of course Little Wonder had dirty feet every time he walked into the house.
Night all.

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Sandra said...

We are in for some bad weather, rain then snow for 3 days and then single daytime highs and minus temps overnight. Horses don't see weather the same as we do. They seem just fine putting their butts to the wind and their heads down. Sydney doesn't look like there would be any tolerance for LW telling him to get off your cozy lap!