Friday, December 16, 2022

Santa Lucia

Slushy and grey....mid 30s.

Little Wonder and Seymour were happy to be in the house after morning chores.
My friend Carol called and said that she, her sister and daughter planned to come over around 1pm for their first baritone Uke lesson.  I decided to make a quick brownie/walnut "pie" to serve with tea when we were finished.
Got out my 3 ukes and set up in the living room by the fire.

I find the baritone uke to be a very easy instrument to play and knew, with practice, they could catch on.  My goal was for them to be able to learn three or four chords and a few simple songs.
Sue, on the right, had already purchased a uke and Kristen and Carol used mine.
All three are very used to singing (in great harmony) at family gatherings and really enjoyed learning to play.
This is what we sounded like after 2 hours.  Not perfect, but I was very impressed.  Kristen's husband is from Sweden so she sang Santa Lucia (for him) and the rest of us joined in when we could.  They won't let me post this on FB and I don't think they will look here.
The brownie pie and a cup of tea....just right.

Before leaving, Kristen wanted to visit the horses.
They gifted us a beautiful poinsiettia.
I think Little Wonder was happy when we least we did not have amps and mics.....nor did we have a drummer.
Tucked the ponies in and did not make dinner.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

Beautiful harmony, sounds like they had been playing for a long time, just lovely.

Sandra said...

After a couple of hours? They learn fast!I wouldn't mind a slice of that pie.