Sunday, December 4, 2022

Ramping Up For Christmas

Beautiful sunshine all day long and not quite so windy.  In the low 30s.

Around 11 I drove down to Brockport to check out the Winter Market at the Morgan Manning House.

It was so cold I felt very sorry for the vendors....not a good time to be outside.
Most of the activity was in the carriage house, where you could buy chili and hot cider.

After a quick stop at Wegmans I went to the Community Center, where there was a big craft show going on.

Eventually I made it back to the farm.
Evening chores at 5.  Not too many more days before it starts getting lighter again.

Have you ever seen horses get filthier than they do here?

Leftovers for dinner.  Just as yummy as last night.

I am posting this photo for my blogging pals.... Sandra and Val.  In the past, Val would decorate a chair for Christmas and I just love this one!
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

Hah! I loved that scene too! This year I do have a chair up but it hasn't evolved quite yet. I may go get that beat up chair for next year again as it had so much more character than any other chair. Or I may search out one in the junk markets.

Val Ewing said...
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Sandra said...

WOW! I had no idea what Val meant by a Christmas chair. I love this idea. It's beautiful. And, no, your boys take the prize for mud rolling. LW in the light, that's a frame worthy photo.