Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Off Duty

Low 30s and no sight of the sun for days.

Back in the house a little after 9.  Waiting for the crew to wake up and made them French Toast for breakfast.
Eventually they got back into card mode and they played a game called "Golf."

I think they were all a little tired after their busy Monday.
By 1 they were ready for some action.  Ariana and Finn went to Batavia to visit Kevin and the three guys drove into Rochester to start a Brewery Tour.  By now Ariana and Jen have joined them.  Kyryll has to drive back to Toronto tonight so he can catch a flight back to Vancouver tomorrow (his family has no power and there is so much snow they can't get their car out of the driveway).  I wonder what it's like at the airport.  Harvey, Ryland and Ariana will be staying at Jen's house tonight.  We will be taking naps.

Around three Janet and I tried my saddle (an Albion SL Dressage saddle) on Ronin as she needs work done on hers.  No deal.  I think this big boy is going to need an extra wide!

As soon as we were finished, Andrea arrived to pick up her last 18 bales of hay.  Fortunately Janet was there to help her load the truck.

Tucked the ponies in around 5 and have no intention of making a real dinner.  Whatever we can find will work.

Night all.



Nancy J said...

I think the snow shovel needs several buddies, or a snow plough!!!

Sandra said...

The company of these young people is invigorating and exhausting! Enjoy the respite.