Sunday, December 25, 2022

Catching Up...The 23rd and 24th

You already know that we have been having some nasty weather.  It has definately had an impact on our day to day lives.  Not too much snow, but winds up to 65 mph and temperatures near -20.  Many homes around us lost power and we did not.  So fortunate.  It's still cold this morning, but the wind has died down and the horses are out with access to hay in the indoor and front paddock.

On Thursday, Gary and Jen drove to Jamestown to pick up some Swedish goodies....

and Ariana was supposed to leave for Kansas City.  She said good bye and returned from the airport as her flight had been cancelled.  Back to Jenny's hoping to fly out the next morning.
The weather kept deteriorating and we put a tarp up over the exit door in Rebel's stall so we could lower it to keep out the wind.

The ponies were out for awhile...
but then the conditions changed drastically
and we put them back in for the day.  They only went out again for about 20 minutes while the stalls were reset for evening chores.  I went out at 12:30am to give them warm water and more hay.  Fortunately our big old barn was not drafty. 
On Saturday, we put hay nets up in the indoor and kept the ponies there while we cleaned the stalls.
Snow got in through some cracks but at least the wind was blocked.

We still had no wi-fi, land line or cable, but thanks to our trusty very tiny tv with rabbit ears, we were able to watch the Buffalo Bills game after we cleaned the house and got stuff ready for Christmas Eve.
Turned the ponies out for about 45 minutes before evening chores
 and tucked them in again for the night.  I might add, that they were always very happy to get in out of the weather.

This is the first time Little Wonder did not go out to the barn.  Way too cold.
Carol and Topper arrived at 5...

Ariana, whose flight was cancelled again, arrived at 5:15....and the rest of the crew was there by 6:15.  While waiting for dinner, Finn, Jen and Ariana started playing a board game.

Dinner was a fairly traditional Swedish Smorgie.  Korv (sausage), Swedish meatballs, rice pudding, cranberry/tangerine relish, acorn squash, green salad with pears, apples, raisins and candied walnuts, and Limpa rye bread.

Carol and Topper brought a Jul Log and cookies.

The entire meal was delicious!

Finn and Coop tried on Mom's new hat.

These cousins had a great time during the past week.

This morning Jenny drove Ariana to the Syracuse airport so she can make it to Kansas least for Christmas Day. Let's see if she gets stuck in North Carolina.

To be continued.  Lucky for you I left out at least a couple hundred photos!



Nancy J said...

Power is so necessary, and glad the ponies stayed warm and cosy. I see Buffalo was one of the worst areas, hope Ariana gets to where she wants to be safely. Many warm wishes to you all for the 25th December, 2002.

Sandra said...

Everyone looks so jolly! My horses have been in the barn for 3 days. They will be happy to get out tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and Gary.