Thursday, December 15, 2022

Rain, Sleet and Slush

The sky was so red this morning I knew something was going to happen.  

The rain turned into sleet and the horses were back in their stalls by noon.  

At 12:45 I drove down to the library for bridge.  That was right when the road turned greasy.
My partner (Dave S.) and I  came in first and that was quite a surprise.
We have such a beautiful library.  It was very nicely decorated.
Got home and by 4:30 and the horses were back outside so we could reset their stalls for tonight.  I'm so glad they had a chance to dry off.  Once again, they chose to stand in the rain this morning and their blankets were wet.  Fortunately they are waterproof.  I think they enjoyed their afternoon lunch.

Leftovers for dinner.  This time we had the cauliflower on toast.
Gary started a fire in the living room....nice, but I still prefer being in the kitchen.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

looks like you will have a white Christmas. Have you tried roasted cauliflower florets, sprinkled with herbs? So tasty.

Sandra said...

We had snow all day and night yesterday. It hovered just above freezing so we didn't get the big accumulation they got further north of us. My horses stayed in yesterday because the snow was so wet. They are out today and happy about that.