Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sara D., thecrazysheeplady, referred to my Journal in her blog today. Below is the quote.

"I think most of us, deep down, agree that life is good, so I'm passing this award on to anyone who'd like to join in. If you don't have a blog, answer the questions in the comments. I am going to single out The Skoog Farm Journal, Life on a Colorado Farm, and Front Porch Indiana as blogs that I recommend if you need a good dose of Life Is Good".

I take this as a beautiful compliment. If you have read my Journal, you KNOW that I think that LIFE IS GOOD. Almost everyday, something about this community brings enrichment to my life, which I try to live to it's fullest. Instead of writing out each question, I am going to respond in my own way....(you can see what Sara wrote by clicking on her link).

A perfect day (to me) involves being outside, not on a schedule, spending time with my critters, hooking up with my family...sharing a meal with friends. As an item of clothing, I am bib overalls! My most current hobby is creating books from my photographs. If I had to choose between walking in the woods or on the beach...BEACH! I have not hugged a tree, but I have done some singing near them...does that count? Prefer growing our own veggies to going to the grocery store...our spinach is up and we are eating it now. Excitement in my family tree???? John Belushi and Jim Belushi are my cousins...their Mom was my Godmother. I would prefer a posh restaurant over fish and chips as I can't handle fish. Which element do I most resonate with...earth, air, fire or water? Earth and water.... I don't believe in farries, but there is definitely energy all around us.

I am fortunate to be living the good life...and that has nothing to do with money...it has to do with taking advantage of all that is around us...respecting and appreciating every moment. There are many others who are doing this..and they are all over the world. It has been pure pleasure to be that little birdie, looking in on their lives (my links).

Thank you Sara.

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Louise said...

Congratulations Lori. You certainly deserve this award.