Friday, May 14, 2010


...and just when I loaned my little camera to Jenny (to take to Chicago...by the way, after standing in line for 5 hours she and Lindsay got into the Oprah show)...and you thought I would not take so many pictures....here I am with another ridiculously long post.
A very misty morning.

Gucci was set on harassing the chipmunks...

Phoebe could have cared less.

There was a very dark cloud cover when I went out to the barn. Sailed through chores and got in the house just in time to take a shower. I spent 20 minutes cleaning one of my saddles. Tina, Barb and I were leaving at 10:30 for Hickory Creek Farm to check out AJ and I wanted her to see if this particular saddle fit him.

A kitty greeted us when we got out of the car.
AJ just had a bath...check out that tail! He felt like silk.
First he was harnessed and driven.
Then they put my saddle on him and he was ridden by Jill, Barb and Tina (you can check out the videos below to see what a versatile boy he was).

This facility was big and full of horses....many Haflingers. I didn't realize until I spoke to my friend Andrea, that I had been there several times over 20 years ago. It used to be Snyder's and they bred Trakehners... I attended several clinics and demonstrations. There were a couple of barns and a beautiful indoor (check out the real wood paneling).

By then, the weather had really changed. It was warm and breezy...lots of sunshine.

This is Molly.
When we left, we headed over to Portofino Bistro (recommended highly by Tina's husband).

We all ordered the same thing....Reubens. Superb!

Got home after three and cooled it for awhile.
Later, I took the dogs out with me, along with my camera, to take advantage of the good light. What did they do? Ran 90 miles per hour over to the neighbors to intimidate Harley. Brats! I wish he would go after them so they would give him a little more respect.
Gary spent the afternoon planting onions...he put in 500 and has 1000 more to go. (He already planted 1000). We will have a lot to sell this year.

The horses were loving the weather...sunny, breezy....no bugs.

While Gary went down to the Lift Bridge to pick up the Buffalo News, I started on dinner. Another one of those breakfast meals. I sauted onions, roasted red peppers, mushrooms and a fresh tomato...whipped up 6 eggs and poured it over the top...added swiss cheese during the last couple of minutes. Served with bacon and cracked wheat toast.

Late afternoon, the sun was coming in the library windows...
Out to do chores around 7:30.

Got everything set up...and put them in around 8.
The dogs were assisting me.
I assume Gary will be planting the rest of these onions tomorrow.

It was great to take most of the day off.
Night all.


Jo said...

What can I say, Lori. I LOVE spending a day at your farm ... And I LOVE your horse with the bulging cheeks. Thanks for a lovely outing. Bless you. Jo

Anonymous said...

AJ is very cute, and seems to be well-trained - and how nice to have a small horse. Love the library photos.

Ingrid de Villiers said...

Dear Lori

I love the misty morning picture, it is beautiful! Wow, the breakfast looks delicious...hmmm...I will have to try it for sure!

Susan Ellis said...

My back is sore hust looking at the planting pic- and the little black and white tuxedo cat's identical twin lives here with me!

Anonymous said...

Even your days off are so busy. The wine bar looks about my speed. I can't believe you have so many onions!