Friday, May 14, 2010


Here are some videos that I took today at Hickory Creek Farm. They are too big to send to Tina by email, so you are all going to have to watch them.

AJ (Tina is thinking about a name for him, his formal name is Assertive) was driven and ridden by three different people...a very sweet and model boy. What is your favorite name for a horse?

After we looked at AJ (who just had a bath and looked gorgeous)....he was hooked to a cart and was driven by Craig.

Then Tina got in the cart and had a chance to drive him....
After that, he was saddled up and ridden...first by Jill, then Barb.

Tina rode last, and I think she was very pleased. Oh happy day!


BroomJockey said...

AJ is absolutely lovely. My 2 haflingers look nothing like that. Carlie used to look like that but now that she's an outdoor horse, she's messy. Allicks has a lot of mane and tail like AJ but sometimes he goes with the dreadlock look that seems to becoming popular again. He just likes to keep up with the fashion trends. Fingers crossed that this works out for Tina.


Unknown said...

Hi Lori. Is Molly a Gordon Setter?
They're easily the most intelligent of the setters. If not, what???
Regards, Mike.