Sunday, May 2, 2010


(Last night, I was so tired I could not finish my post...but now I'm back). A warm morning.
Gary helped me with chores and the ponies needed masks before they went out on the big pasture.
I mulched the paddocks...they were nice and dry and sure looked a lot better.

The pups are always looking to the North, to see if the dog next door is out.

I needed a major load of groceries, so after chores... did the Wegman thing. Some of the trees are still loaded with blossoms.

For the heck of it, I took photos through the windows....

What do you see through your windows?

Our gardens are jammed with color, and when the wind blows the weeping crab apple tree's petals fill the air like snow flakes...they are everywhere.

Company coming for dinner, so after I mowed the lawn...got started on the house. Fresh flowers for the tables etc.......

The menu...stir fried chicken with onions, carrots, snow peas and cashews. And homemade lomain.
Carol brought the perfect appetizer...how about that presentation?

I will spare you the photos of Topper taking pictures of me taking pictures of him.
We started out on the porch...it was a beautiful warm night (and there are no bugs yet).
While they chatted, I went in and started cooking.

We had dinner inside...studio/dining room. Could a get one more anything on the walls?

Mary Ellen and Jay brought fresh asparagus from their garden....delicious. For some reason, I love a side of fruit with Chinese...especially bananas. We also had strawberries and apples.

They also brought a picture perfect rhubarb pie, and that was that.


Diary From Africa said...

The food looks absolutely mouthwatering - I also love the colourful placemats on the table. Hope you're having a good night's sleep .... it's morning time here in Africa & our day is just beginning :)

Louise said...

You surely are an artist, both with food, and with your pictures. And, what a lovely day you had, with friends to share it.

Maery Rose said...

You must have clean windows. If I tried that, you'd hardly see what was outside. I like the effect of what you did.

Looks like you had much nicer weather than we had. So windy! I can see how wind could have made the early prairie settlers lose their minds. And now we're heading for cool temps later this week.

Great looking food and company as usual.

Unknown said...

Hi Lori. That Rhubarb pie looks a work of art. Regards, Mike and Ann.

Unknown said...

P.s. I like your window pictures. I think I'll give that a try.
Cheers, Mike.