Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ONE UGLY DAY (until 5 o'clock)

PS - This is the sign on our door. Sarah Watts brought it back from Paris and it's been there ever since. Appropriate, don't you think?
Getting back to this morning...as soon as I opened the barn door Dream cruised around the front paddock and became very interested in Berlin (instead of her grain).
It was not very pretty out...misty rain, dark, chilly..... The temp was supposed to go up to 50 or more so I left off their sheets and put the hay under the shed roof. After all the stalls were picked and swept...I staged them (as Barb says) for the night feeding.
I don't know how my other horse pals do it...but this is the Skoog Farm version. King Mustafa has two water buckets...one for dipping and one for clean water. He gets a flake of 1st cutting and a flake of second. That way, at night I just have to do grain and can let them in.
They ignored the hay and went to the back pasture.
None of them seemed bothered by the weather.

I never left the property today.
These flowers are from our garden...they definitely perk up the kitchen.

We always have them on our kitchen table (year round).

Yesterday Jen's old neighbor stopped by for some rhubarb and today she returned with a pie. That set the stage for dinner, so we had a big salad (romaine, onion, cherry tomatoes, avacado and homemade croutons....topped with a yougert/blue cheese dressing).
We had a fire going and a cup of soup went well with the dreary, damp day.
Late morning Bill Stewart stopped by to give us a video to watch (he is the artist who does all the funky work we have in the house and out in the gardens). It was a Swedish film about a chorus and he thought we would like it. "As it is in Heaven." We loved it. A nice late afternoon treat.
Went out to do chores around 7:30. Barb stopped over to see KM.
Abbe gets the "dirty pig" award everyday! Tomorrow the vet is coming to give them their spring shots and draw a couple of coggins.
The dogs made sure they got their feet as filthy as possible in the mud.

But look what happened...the sun made an appearance. It won't be long before I will grain them and put them back outside until I go to bed. I hate putting them in when it is still light out.

Fini! Night all.


Jo said...

*sigh* Lori, what a lovely way you have with words and pictures. Your sign is very approptriate. I love the white horse's bulging cheeks. All so restful - I'm glad the sun came out to bless you and all your hard work. Have a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

I love the horses pictures with the little fog. Romantic.
Here also the weather is not fine. It had not been so bad since 1937.
Fortunately, it is not cold. So if you have a shower, you may not be ill.
See you soon

Unknown said...

We saw that film -'As it is in Heaven'- and loved it. Not only a good film, but gives a pretty accurate (no holds barred)idea of life in Sweden.
Regards, Mike and Ann.

Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers! Our tulips aren't out yet.
I love the statue in your garden too.

The sign is very appropriate for your house.

elvira pajarola said...

GORGEOUS...........!! You are improving soooooo much on your horse photography: SPLENDID!!!!!

....The horses look great; spring....the fresh grass.....they look so shiny now...!!!!!!!!!

have a great day, cara Lori!
ciao ciao elvira

rebecca said...

The pictures of the horses are beautiful. They're such magnificent creatures. Flowers year round? Lucky girl. I can't have that with my 3 very curious and get-into-everything felines. And, that salad. I'm officially hungry.......