Thursday, May 27, 2010


It was another hot one. Put the horses hay under the shed roof and dusted off the trusty old fan.

Fortunately the temperature changed mid-afternoon. We had a strong breeze and it was much more comfortable.
Gary has started buying veggies for our garden...they should be planted shortly.

As expected, the yellow roses are popping out like crazy.
New daisys...
...and more iris.

I had to get gas for my car...went to the bank, had lunch at the Senior Center and stopped at CountryMax on the way home. They have finally opened.
It's going to be a great alternative for horse feed, dog food and misc. items for the barn.
Vegged for a little while when I got home, then made some coleslaw to take to a birthday party for Andrea. Red and green cabbage, carrots, a little onion, fresh pineapple and apple. Rice vinegar, sugar, celery salt, pepper and tied it all together with mayo.
You have read about my friend Andrea many times....horse trainer from England...worked with Abbe (and me). Her sister surprised her last week, by coming over from England for a month long stay. She and Laurie N. planned a girls night out birthday party for tonight.

Helen made this piece for her sister. A rag rug and felted view of Andrea's house and garden.

Andrea and Alex arrived right on time....
There were presents...

She received a beautiful potted rose...(an avid gardener).

and a great pot luck supper....
By the time it was dark, we were ready for some birthday cake.
It was really fun to have a night out with the girls. Alex occupied himself on the computer.
The big 5 0 ........ Happy Birthday Andrea!

The moon was gorgeous during my ride home. By the way, Barb had duty tonight...how sweet it is.

Night all.


Louise said...

I take it that CountryMax has opened a new store out your way? You're going to LOVE them!

Happy belated birthday to Andrea and happy prospective cooler day to all of us!

Susan Ellis said...

That salad looks gorgeous! Guess what I'm picking up on the way home tonight?