Friday, May 28, 2010


It was much cooler this morning. A little grey at first...trying to rain, but it never happened. And boy! do we need it. Gar went to Java...I did chores.
I did not have to chase the dogs today, they stayed in our own yard.
When I finished chores the pups and I drove down to Weggies to pick up a couple of things.
The sun was finally out and it felt just right.
Every summer Wegmans plants hundreds of flowers at the entrances.
They take excellent care of them and it really is quite beautiful.
Gar bought a quart of dark grey paint today...trying to settle on a color.
Even tho it is not as commanding as the red, it matches the other barns and the white trim should make it look pretty rich.
What do you think?

I was in a furniture moving mood today and rearranged the living room. I'll have to take pictures tomorrow...like it...

Got a call from Stephanie and she talked me through setting up Skype. It worked...what a gas.

Some friends called and asked if we would like to go out to dinner...Gar had already taken Topper out for a birthday lunch so I didn't know if he would want to go out again. He did.

Mary Pat came up to pick some rhubarb...a pie is in our future. In the meantime, I did evening chores.

Got in the house with just enough time for a shower. Then we picked up Bill and Monika and drove out to the Carlton Grill.
They are now open full time...the fish are back and the new menu was great.
I remembered to catch a shot of the salad and forgot the rest! It was beautifully presented.
Steve is a very creative and talented chef.
They must have just gotten a truck load of hanging plants...they were huge.

We left around 9 and the sun was setting...gorgeous.
Phoebe and Gucci were happy to see us! Now I have to go put the horses in.
Night all.

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Jo said...

Glad it's a little cooler across in your world, Lori. Our temps are a mere 40deg C/ 104 deg F with a chance of rain; and do we need it too! Lori, I love the dark grey for your barn. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo