Thursday, May 6, 2010


Crispy! We had a fair amount of rain last night and it was pretty breezy this morning.
Perfect conditions to get things growing.
The back yard is shaping up.

When I opened the barn door, Dream was waiting for me.
I did not manage to catch Phoebe in her spotlight today.

Doesn't this look like an abstract painting? The view out the back window.

Grained the horses and they went out to the back pasture. No masks today.

After I finished chores, I went out to Glen Darach Farm for a photo shoot. Check out that post below.

At 2pm I had an appointment with the Massage Therapist. Really needed it!

I can't help myself...when I go past the fish I have to get out my camera.

Stopped over at Deb's new place. They were putting in the flooring today.
When I got home, decided to try a recipe Madonna gave me. Chicken with a Rhubarb BBQ sauce. Did not have all the ingredients, so I was inventive.
Here's what went into it...olive oil, 1 medium onion, 3/4 pound rhubarb in half inch pieces, 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup oj, 1/2 cup brown sugar, a shot of ginger (and here's where I got creative)
2 TBSP salsa, 2 TBSP ketchup and 2TBSP of apricot jam. I let it cook down.
In the meantime I went across the street to try and take more photos of the rooster (for my friend Hanny) and it was nowhere to be found...just the dogs. (cuties).

The later it got, the colder it got. Barb did chores tonight.

Dinner? Salad....
Rhubarb BBQued chicken (I baked it in the oven...just dumped the sauce over par boiled chicken breasts). Put it in a pie plate and covered it with another pie plate.
A side of baked sweet potatoes and some toasted bread. If you want to taste something different...try that BBQ sauce. It was FANTASTIC.
Gary went back out to work in the gardens...Ian was up for the third night this week to help him.
Don't you love the way wash looks out on the clothesline?
By now, the sun was beaming into the west side of the house.

It even grabbed a corner of the kitchen.
It's going to be very cold tonight. Gary just built us a fire.
Night all.


Louise said...

I love the picture of the pale pink fish. It looks like he is swimming right through the room.

Callie Brady said...

We have a fire going too. Brrrrr! Love the abstract photo of the barn and your backyard is beautiful!