Saturday, May 29, 2010


Good Morning Al!

Another beautiful day. Barb and Gary helped me with chores.

Cleaned and filled the water troughs...

Deb stopped over for a few minutes...just when I put the dogs in the back yard. Her new abode is coming along nicely and she should be moving soon.
By 10am I was over at Apple Creek Farm mowing the lawn. The gardens were bursting with color.

I drove home through the village...this car was on Main Street.

Here are a couple of photos of the living room after I moved all the furniture around.
Many years ago I had this couch and chair recovered in denim. It worked pretty well...Phoebe loves it.
As if I had not mown enough....I then mowed our lawn. It took almost 3 hours as I did the lane and around all the pastures.

Gary went out to Kirby's with Jenny and brought home this hanging plant. I like to have one outside the kitchen door...something sturdy.

While I was mowing, Brenda and Al stopped by and presented us with a lilac tree! What a surprise. She was just accepted (after presenting a body of her work) into the Rochester Art
Club. This is a very big deal, as many people don't make it. Anyway, Brenda felt that being in my class helped her to attain this goal and so the gift! I'm flattered.
Here they are at our concert last week. Remember them? We get together each month for dinner....Al is a carver and Brenda is a watercolorist. (I played with their picture). Two of Al's carvings are at the top of the post.
This is one of her paintings from a couple of years ago.

Did evening chores a little early, as Jack and Louise were coming over for dinner.

Paula, from across the street, came over with some family members to see the horses and get some water for her chickens and dogs (her water is not that great for them). The little ones enjoyed the swing.

Same old same old dinner. Pasta.
A salad made with spinach from our garden.
Father Sam's Syrian bread (whole wheat).

And Louise made a mixed fruit cobbler...raspberries, strawberries etc.
Barb stopped in to see King Mustafa. Louise and Jack had left and the sun was about ready to go down.
Time to put those ponies in.

Night all.

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Jo said...

Congratulations to Brenda on being accepted to the Guild. Wow, I'm sure you had a hand in that, Lori. Her art is amazing. Why is the first pony masked (or is that blindfolded) ? You know me, I learn about horses from you! I love Phoebe and Gucci at the corner or your house - Tweedledee and Tweedledum! Have a blessed day on your beautiful farm.