Monday, May 31, 2010


Again I was rewarded with help from Gary and Barb. Chores were done by 8:30. It was a very warm and buggy time for the ponies.

Did a load of wash, took a shower and after two friends stopped for some rhubarb, headed out to Glen Darach Farm. Andrea's sister (visiting from Scotland) was waiting for me to pick her up so we could go out to lunch and end up back at our farm.
During the drive out, passed a couple of restaurants I had in mind and they were closed...even called Carlton, no deal. So, when I picked up Helen she was given two choices...go look for a restaurant or pick up some food at a Deli and hit the beach. She chose the latter. We drove over to Hamlin and stopped at Topps (Grocery) to pick up some goodies...Snapple, Pepsi, Salad, chips, Italian Assorted sub, apple, cherries....I think that was all. Headed out for Hamlin Beach State Park when it dawned on me that we should have called Carol and Topper to see if we could picnic on their deck instead. Pulled over...made the call and no answer. Left a message that we were going to go to their place. When we got there they were out working in the gardens, but welcomed us and we headed for the deck with our picnic. Boy did we do the right thing!

This was our view. Breezy and perfect!

I felt like we were in the middle of a Monet painting.
The local Yacht Club was down the beach and they were holding races.

A beautiful site.

Carol and Topper came out to sit with us....
They are the all time great hosts!

After lunch we walked down the beach, looking for beach glass, shells or anything interesting.

We could be in the Islands! And this is Lake Ontario.

Helen was really enjoying herself...

We ended up at the Yacht Club and went in to look around. There was a lot of activity...all kinds of boats and people.
And look at what else we saw....

Below is one of my favorite shots of the day.

Sandy Harbor is a very quaint little area...cottages, year round houses, gardens and lots of people enjoying the lake.

Above is the house we were visiting and below is their guest house/office. They have done an amazing job with all the gardens. Hard work.

Left there around 2:15 and stopped at Wegmans for a few things. Gave Helen a quick tour of the college campus and headed back to the farm.

It was nasty hot this afternoon. Had the fans going in the house and out in the barn.

Did chores and started on dinner.

Stir fried chicken and snow peas with cashews and homemade lomain....
Corn on the cob....
Carmelized fresh pineapple and bananas with fresh lemon juice.
Mary Pat brought up a rhubarb pie, so we did not have to make dessert.
Gary and Helen jabbered all evening about books and Scotland, among other things.
What a great day we had! And so nice that Andrea could come in for dinner.
Helen was able to Skype some friends in Scotland. Pretty amazing.

I already put the horses in and am ready for some couch time.
Night all.


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Unknown said...

What a glorious beach, Lori. You are lucky to have friends who live next to it and are so hospitable. Your swans are ahead of ours, which are still sitting. I think. Their nest is in a very quiet spot on our river, I'll go and check them out later, they may have hatched.
Cheers, Mike.

Louise said...

What a lovely, lovely day you had. There's something about Lake Ontario that just draws you to it. I cant think of a better place to spend some time.