Monday, May 3, 2010


On my way out to the barn it started to rain...and we obviously got a little last night as there was water in the wheel barrows. Just because I put the hay under the shed roof, the sun came out...the skies turned blue and the clouds were trying to outdo each other.

When I got back to the house, I looked over at the lane and there was Malcom McCracken driving a huge tractor pulling discs, then rollers, and finally....a jeep. The whole parade was over 40 feet long...how he turned in here without going in the ditch, I will never know.
Judy and Randy stopped in with a bag of cookies from Greg'rys.
They are going back to Florida tomorrow and we were happy to get to spend some time with them.
They are good friends and such a pleasure.....great and interesting conversations.
We look forward to their return at the end of June.

Last night Mary Ellen and Jay brought us a pail of beautiful blossoms. They make the side porch look sweet.
I decided to go down to Apple Creek Farm to mow the lawn before it starts raining.
Drove down Main Street....here are more examples of local architecture.

What a perfect afternoon. Before it rained this morning it was very muggy...ended up being clear and breezy.
The blossoms are falling off the apple trees now. Pretty soon the fruit will appear.
This time I left the dogs home.
They vegged.

Gary bought a quart of green paint and put one coat on the primer. We still have not decided what color to go with. Kind of like a flag from Italy....
(A macro shot of the blossoms on the porch).
After I did evening chores, the sunset was looking especially nice so I went across the street to take some photos.
In the back yard was a beautiful rooster....hanging out with 4 corgis. Quite an interesting combination. The chickens were in a separate yard within this fence.

Look at that color!

Night all.


allhorsestuff said...

HAHA, When I saw those Corgis- I laughed...they are too cute...did you see the one from my post about CTRF Hardy Creek post? I was shocked at it being out there on that long ride!

On your referral, I visited Ann's Web site..very impressive! I may go ahead and measure the mare and send it to them...then pick a saddle to try(not that I can spend that kind of money! And Reflock it too)...but so I can really KNOW what works by seeing it and trying it too. The 7 day tryout, for the cost of shipping, sounded like a plan.
Thanks again Lori.

photogchic said...

I loved the pic of the fat little Corgis..too cute.

elvira pajarola said...

...So important to have good friends....What a romantic Architectural Style...( it remembers me of a stay in a wonderful country house in upstate New York;)..!
Ohhh, yes, these are my flag colours.....could this be an idea...? ( Honestly, I do love the white..!)
Gorgeous Skyscenes!!!!!!!!!!
have a wonderful sunny day!
ciao ciao elvira

Joyful said...

You have a lot of beautiful pictures. I can't pick a favourite since they are all so lovely but I am partial to nature scenes. It looks like your weather is quite nice right now while we are getting a lot of rain and much cooler temperatures than normal.

Gail said...

Wow, I can't choose a favorite picture, these are all so wonderful.

On the paint, I like the red.

I love the header!

I have always loved Corgis but never have owned one. Are they yappy dogs?

thecrazysheeplady said...

A whole pen full of corgis?!?!? What were they thinking - short road to crazytown ;-).

As always, lovely tours of your days.

elvira pajarola said...

Cara Lori; be certain; I would love and I will contact you; as soon I'll be back for a visit in the States; THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I hope very much it will be soon!!

Oh, it's now more than 9 years years ago that I've been in the States; I travelled a lot for my work; especially to Boston; NY City, Chicago.
I loved though to stay in NY City just for work and for the weekends I prefered staying in a really wonderful country house in the middle of a amazing green countryside!! (Friends of my parents) Great to remember!!

Have a beautiful day!
ciao ciao elvira