Thursday, May 13, 2010


Got out to the barn around 7:30. Almost every morning King Mustafa puts his head over into Pony's stall and they nicker back and forth. Sweet....
Fortunately I remembered to put halters on them so they could be caught later when the vet arrived.
For a little while the sky was bright blue. Then it turned into grey and ugly.

Barb P. and Barb KS arrived to hold their horses. The Vet got here a little after 2. We started with KM...both of his hocks were x-rayed so his owner could have a good sense of what is going on in there. Before that, they went over to the indoor and did some flexion tests. He is such a gentle giant....totally cooperative and kind.
I don't think he moved once for the x-rays.
The rest of the herd got their spring shots and a couple of coggins were done. Amy is my very favorite horse vet. She has been here for 15 years, helping me get through many tough times.
She had an intern with her today.

Spent a little time in the house with the pups.

At 4, Lindsey arrived from Syracuse. She and Jen are celebrating their birthdays by going to
Chicago for a couple days (they are trying to get in to the Oprah show).

Jenny got some new shoes. Spike heels and a purse to match. She was only 4 inches taller...and ready for the city. Tom Cruise is supposed to be there tomorrow... Who knows if they will be able to get in. Their plane should be landing soon. (By the way, Obama was in nearby Buffalo today and he ate some of our famous Buffalo wings. Fortunately Air Force One left the airport before Jenny and Lindsey got there...or they would have been delayed).

I started dinner and went out to do chores. Gar finished it. Veggie burgers, roasted potatoes and carrots....leftover bean salad. More comfort food.

I'm done for the day. Night all.

PS - Jenny could not find her camera, so she took my little Sony with her. Now maybe I can shorten my posts for a couple of days!


Gail said...

Love the header.

I think you have done enough for the day, you deserve a rest.

Jo said...

Oprah, Tom Cruise, Obama, Air Force One ??? Wow. Happy birthday to the two ladies who're off to the city. I just LOVE your pups on the windowsill. And the short blue sky before it turned grey. I also have a small Sony and carry it around with me at ALL times even taking photos from the back of the motorbike in South Africa. Have a wonderful weekend Lori. (((Hugs))) Jo

Vanessa said...

What a fashonista to wear heels on the farm! I will be missing your camera too! Have a nice day!