Saturday, May 1, 2010


A nice mild morning...interesting skies.
The pups and I went out to the barn before 7:30, and then Gar came out to help with chores.

We were supposed to get rain today, but that did not happen. It's a good thing the indoor was open, as the high temperature brought out some bugs. Fortunately, the ponies were smart enough to go inside.

I took every mask out of the feed room and threw them in the washing machine. They dried quickly and I put them on the horses before I took a shower and got ready to leave.
Around noon I picked up my friend Helen and we headed out to Medina for what we thought was going to be lunch at Zambistro's. It was closed! Checked out a nearby restaurant and the dining room was not open...just pizza and wings. Did not want that so we asked some of the customers where we could find a good lunch...a couple of places were suggested.

When we crossed the street we saw a great looking shop and thought we would check it out before lunch.
It was called THE WHOLE NINE YARDS... a quilt shop.
Everything about it was very appealing. Beautiful fabrics....
quilts....and much more. When we asked them where we should eat, they gave us another option.
On the way, I took some shots of the local architecture.
This town has many fabulous buildings.

We ended up at the Shirt Factory Cafe.
What a cool little place!
It felt like we were in some little place in Greenwich Village.
Got half of a panini (turkey reuben) and a cup of roasted red pepper soup.
One of the best lunches I've had anywhere.
We took our time and never stopped talking.
Had a little tour and then we were given the opportunity to check out the back alley.
These shots are for you Ken Mac.

Today the Erie Canal opened. First, the view to the West.

...and the view to the East. Beautiful.
Then, we stopped at another shop...full of this and that.

That was enough entertainment for the day and we headed home.

Made some rhubarb betty and watched the Kentucky Derby. Fortunately, no horses appeared to get hurt. I'm not sure how I feel about horse racing.

Dinner was the bare minimum. Made some French toast, as I knew we were having dessert.
Judy stopped up with some ice cream ...and we dug in.
Barb came over and had most of the chores done before I even got out to the barn! (not her night to work) Never have I had such a person helping me with the horses. How lucky am I?

The evening skies looked quite like they did this morning.
Full circle.

Night all.


Gail said...

Thanks for taking me along. I loved the trip.

jc said...

I enjoyed your day as much as you did!

Louise said...

You had a lovely day. As close as I am to Medina, I don't think I have ever been there. From the looks of what you pictured, I think that I need to visit Medina sometime.

I was out at Finger Lakes Race Track yesterday, on the backside for the first time. It was HOT! Good to be back taking listings again, though.

allhorsestuff said...

What a neat day! That is HOT though!
Seeing Juan V the coffee guy on that building made me laugh too...used to love those commercials!

Be well sweet Lori!

dmeland said...

I operate a sort of retirement home for elderly horses myself and I too am not quite sure how I feel about the whole racing thing. My first reaction when the race was done was relief that there were no mishaps. I am the webmaster for the Village of Medina and wondered if you would mind me posting a link to this blog that highlights some of my favorite places?

Kira said...

I live near Medina, and go to the Shirt Factory Cafe all the time! (I actually put together that window display) Thanks for writing about my favorite cafe and all the lovely pictures!